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Statements regarding incident in Santa Clara, CA

Tuesday, 18 June, 1:30 PM PT
Update for Southern/Northern CA Hydrogen Fueling Customers:

We have completed clean-up at the Santa Clara site and are working with the proper authorities to re-establish operations for the hydrogen transfill. However, the timing for when the transfill will be operational is not yet determined.

To continue to improve our ability to deliver hydrogen to stations in Northern California, in addition to the multiple supply actions already taken in Northern and Southern California, we are looking into the repair of a hydrogen delivery trailer and at the same time expediting the construction of a new hydrogen delivery trailer. The repair and construction of the trailers is being conducted with the utmost safety in mind. We will continue to examine all options for hydrogen supply.

We will continue to communicate any updates as soon as information is available. We appreciate your patience.

Tuesday, 11 June, 1:00 PM PT
Update for Southern/Northern CA Hydrogen Fueling Customers:

While work continues on our Santa Clara facility, its operational status remains unchanged as we begin the site’s cleanup, and we still have no timeline for when the hydrogen transfill site will be able to return to active operations. We expect to have a final assessment of the cause in the coming weeks.

We have taken another proactive action to improve and increase gaseous hydrogen deliveries by Air Products to Northern California fueling stations. We have enabled another hydrogen supplier to serve several stations by providing liquid hydrogen to their gaseous transfill in Southern California. This will allow Air Products to free up more of its own gaseous hydrogen fueling delivery trailers to travel and serve Northern California stations, without impacting current supply levels in Southern California.

We will continue to communicate any updates as soon as information is available. We will continue to examine all options for hydrogen supply. We appreciate your patience.

Friday, 7 June, 10:15 AM PT
Update for Southern/Northern CA Hydrogen Fueling Customers:

Air Products is pleased to report that we are able to maintain hydrogen supply with minimal interruption to the Southern California fueling stations under current conditions.

In Northern California, we have recently gained full access to our Santa Clara hydrogen fueling transfill site and are assessing damage to the facility and hydrogen fueling-related trailers. We know now for sure that we have lost the service of multiple hydrogen fueling trailers which are critical to our supply chain. The remainder of the Santa Clara site including the nitrogen pipeline and our merchant liquid bulk production facilities continue to remain operational. Unfortunately, we still have no timeline when the hydrogen transfill site will be able to return to full operations.

Independent of this work, we have completed the precautionary inspection of all except one of our fleet of hydrogen fueling delivery trailers, and trailers with completed inspections have returned to service.

Currently, in order to provide hydrogen for fueling in Northern California we are using available Southern California sources, but are doing so in a manner designed to have no impact on hydrogen availability for Southern California hydrogen fueling stations. Additionally, in Northern California, and at the direction of station owners, we are delivering available hydrogen to the higher volume/higher-use stations. At this time, in consultation with station owners, we are supplying the fueling stations located in south San Francisco near the airport, in San Jose, and one station to be determined at the direction of Shell. At this time, we are able to supply about a fifth of the previous Northern California hydrogen volumes compared to prior to the incident.

The situation remains very fluid and we will communicate any updates as soon as information is available. We appreciate your patience as we continue to examine all options for hydrogen supply in Northern California.

Tuesday, 4 June, 6:00 PM PT

Update for Northern CA Hydrogen Fueling Customers:

We regret to inform you that the fire at Air Products’ Santa Clara, California hydrogen transfill on June 1 damaged the facility, including several hydrogen delivery trailers, and has resulted in the shutdown of hydrogen-fueling related operations at the site for an incident investigation and facility repair. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Unfortunately, after examining numerous short-term supply options, we have no choice but to inform you that we are unable to make hydrogen deliveries from Santa Clara at this time. It may be several weeks before Air Products can fully assess the property damage and look to re-establish fueling operations at the site.

In the meantime, we continue to evaluate all supply options for fueling customers, including extraordinary measures to mitigate the impact of available hydrogen supply to Northern CA. We are evaluating obtaining product from alternative sources outside the Northern California area, and/or to relocate some assets from other sites to new temporary sourcing locations to ease this supply strain.

In any case, we want to be transparent and inform you that hydrogen supply will be limited. Air Products regrets having to share this unfortunate news and will provide updates as the situation changes.

Sunday, 2 June, 12:00 PM PT

There was an incident Saturday at approximately 4:30 p.m. during the filling of one of Air Products’ CT-450 hydrogen distribution trailers at our Santa Clara, Calif. plant. There were no injuries, and we greatly appreciate the responsiveness and work of Santa Clara area emergency responders. There was significant damage to the distribution trailer directly involved in the incident, as well as to multiple other distribution trailers at the site.

Additionally, while we do a thorough investigation into the cause of the incident at Santa Clara, we believe it is only prudent at this time to also temporarily suspend all deliveries and service from our CT-450 and CT-500 fleets to proactively conduct a full precautionary inspection of this delivery equipment. Unfortunately, the combination of the multiple vehicles severely damaged at Santa Clara, along with the suspension and inspection of the CT-450/500 fleets, will negatively impact our hydrogen delivery capabilities for a currently unknown period of time in both Northern and Southern California.

Air Products will do what we can to conduct these investigation and inspection activities in a timely manner and apologizes to all customers for this inconvenience, but we are hopeful you understand the need to first and foremost always keep safety in mind.

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