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"I am 28 years old, and after serving in the US Navy for six years aboard a submarine I was quite unsure as to how easy the transition back to civilian life would be. The uncertainty of today’s economy, coupled with the bevy of issues-medical care, housing market, etc-that tend creep up made the prospect of finding a good job to provide for my family a daunting task. I was not aware of the enormity of the industry that Air Products works in, and I was initially skeptical of jumping into a field different than the one I had just spent years learning and adapting to while serving. It was with a lot of counsel and mild trepidation that I took the chance to be a maintenance technician here in Cleveland, OH.

The year and a half since accepting a position has been nothing short of astounding. Before I even begin to praise the local crew here in Cleveland for their sincere help and patience with me as I adjusted to the new position, I cannot give enough credit to the company as a whole for the outstanding feeling of respect and recognition given to myself and others, also military, newly hired at our site. Every point of contact had a genuine and strong sensitivity to making sure that the transition to my new job was smooth and as simple as possible. The crew here has never been afraid of making me feel like a part of the team, embracing my military quirks and preferences without shunning the things that may have been awkward in another environment. The discipline and plant ownership we are taught in the Navy do us great justice here, as it is exactly what Air Products wants from the operations team.

The company’s ability to help you with your career will not disappoint, as I was made an operator merely a year into my relationship with Air Products to reflect the best of my abilities and opportunity to help the plant. It was absolutely the best move for the company, the plant, and, as my manager (also navy btw) emphasized, me. Giving you all the tools you need to thrive is one of my favorite aspects of Air Products. There is no concern that does not go unheard, and safety is just as important here as it is on a ship. The team environment is not just lip service, there is sincerity and you will feel it."

Justin Belflower
Operator, Cleveland ASU
Cleveland, OH

"I spent 8 years in the US Navy as a Nuclear Mechanical and Chemical technician aboard Submarines. The experience I gained, both technically and philosophically, helped me to immediately enter Air Products with a driving fortitude towards a successful career. I was recruited at a Military Hiring Conference, and was presented several offers from several companies, of which, Air Products’ was the most attractive. From day one at Air Products, my military experience was well respected and held in high regard by most of my colleagues. I was able to develop a rapport, instantly, with other veterans, or those who had veteran family members, or simply admired those who serve their country. The leadership skills and adaptability that I learned in the military, along with the work ethic and attitude to face challenges head on, gave me a very competitive edge in the workplace, and allowed me to pick up new concepts within my roles quickly, and apply them successfully. Coming from the military into the corporate world, for me, was a sigh of relief, though I cherish my time in service, and will always take the lessons I learned with me. I am now using my leadership skills, and technical background to lead teams of people at Air Products as a Senior Project Engineer. I’ve executed several successful projects, solved several technical problems, and come up with innovative solutions to problems, along with my teammates. I’ve done a lot of traveling, and am always thankful to be sleeping in a hotel, even if it’s not a 4 or 5 star, because it’s always more comfortable than sleeping on a submarine. The military is a team-oriented organization, and it is this team spirit, and the trust and integrity that comes along with it, that helps Air Products to be a successfully organization. I’m confident that I made the right decisions, both in joining the Navy, and in coming to work at Air Products, and I look forward to working with the many qualified veterans that are out there ready to take this company into the future."

Raymond L. Williams
Sr. Project Engineer, LNG Engineering Team

"My name is Joseph Hardin. I am currently in the Alabama Army National Guard with 15 years of service. I joined Air Products shortly after my first deployment in November 2006 as a Vehicle Technician at Decatur, Alabama which I still do.

I chose Air Products because the job I do in the National Guard is very close to the job at Air Products. I also think that this is why they chose me because of the experience and training that the military has given me.

I also got one of my fellow Guard members to join Air Products in 2011. We have served in various natural disasters for the National Guard while at Air Products. My local management has been very supportive to us on the very short call ups from the Guard. We deployed again in 2012-2013 to the Middle East.

The team here at Decatur, Al was very supportive to me and my family while we were gone. I have nominated all of my supervisors here locally for awards from the ESGR for the support of me. Various drivers, operators and supervisors have had former military service before and while at Air Products.

This is by far the best military-friendly employer since I have been working."

Joseph Hardin
Vehicle Technician
Decatur, AL

"I was in the NAVY for 10 years, stationed on submarines as a nuclear trained Mechanic and Laboratory Technician. I transitioned last year in October of 2012 to an operator position at the ASU in Butler, Indiana. I chose Air Products as my future employer based on the challenge and opportunity for advancement the position presented. My transition itself was by no means easy, but finding prior military personnel through-out the company, helped me find common ground and has aided me with becoming accustomed to the civilian sector. The safety culture and abundance of teamwork has proven instrumental and was one of the easiest fundamentals to pick up, as in my experience with the Navy, there is a want and desire to come home in the same condition as when you left. From my first day, I have been told that there is tremendous opportunity for growth and advancement, and after seeing the messages of Air Products personnel accepting new positions, I look forward to the day when I see my name in one. I feel incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity and am enjoying my co-workers assistance and zeal in teaching me the ways of the cryogenic world. Thank you for your time."

Josh Hunt
ASU Operator
Air Products, Butler, IN


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