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  • Does Air Products offer co-op and/or internship positions for university/college students?

    Yes, we do.  We offer co-op/intern positions for BS/MS students in the spring, summer, and fall. The majors we recruit are Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, and Human Resources.

    We offer summer internships for undergraduate Finance/Accounting students and MBA students (who have completed their first year MBA requirements).

    We offer internships for Ph.D. students and Industrial Post-Docs in Engineering and R&D. These assignments are project based and vary from year to year.

    All co-op/intern positions are posted on the Air Products Career Center. Additional information can be found on the Careers page of the Air Products website, under Students and Recent University Graduates.

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  • How long do co-op and internship assignments last?

    The maximum length of an internship assignment is 11 weeks. Co-Op assignments can range from 11 to 20 weeks, the majority of which are 16 to 20 weeks in length.

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  • Does Air Products provide housing for students doing co-op/internship assignments?

    We provide temporary housing assistance through a third-party vendor, The Internhousing site lists rooms, condos, apartments, and houses for rent to students doing temporary assignments at various companies throughout the United States. Each co-op/intern receives an Internhousing account before beginning his/her assignment. The student can sign in and look for available housing at their assignment location. The student contacts the property owner directly to secure temporary housing.

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  • What kinds of assignments do co-op/interns do?

    Whether you are working with Financial Analysts at our Corporate Headquarters or a Chemical Engineer working at one of our production facilities, you will be gaining real work experiences plus learning the business fundamentals of a Fortune 500 company. Co-ops and interns bring a fresh, new perspective to the Air Products working environment, which is another valuable aspect of the programs. Please review our co-op/intern postings on the Air Products Career Center for additional information.

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  • What other opportunities are included in the co-op/intern programs?

    In addition to practical work experience, our programs include seminars, facility tours, social activities, and networking opportunities. All of this is intended to enhance the students’ personal and professional development.

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  • Do you have development programs for university/college students?

    Yes, we do. Our Career Development Programs have been going strong for more than 50 years. Our three programs are:

    • BS/MS Graduates in Engineering, Information Technology, Human Resources
    • MBA Graduates in Finance and Commercial
    • Ph.D. Graduates in Engineering and Materials Technology

    The Career Development programs are rotational programs consisting of three assignments lasting 8 to 12 months each. Program participants explore opportunities while on the program to help determine their career paths. Additional information can be found on the Careers page of the Air Products website, under the U.S. Region, Career Development Program.

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