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Greenhouse Gases and Energy Efficiency

In 2016, ASUs realized a 0.65% reduction in energy intensity since 2015. Our HyCO units improved energy efficiency by 0.42%.

This success was realized through hundreds of projects aimed at improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions. These projects included the redesign, replacement and/or upgrade of equipment, changes to manufacturing processes, and facility improvements. Cumulative energy purchases avoided during the goal period totaled 300 thousand MWh of energy conserved, which corresponds to $9 million in cumulative energy cost avoided.

We have set new energy efficiency goals for our Industrial Gases business for 2020, including:

  • Reduce ASU energy intensity by 2.5% by 2020 from 2015 baseline year
  • Reduce HyCO energy intensity by 15% by 2020 from 2015 baseline year

Initiatives related to renewable energy

Air Products is focused on delivering productivity, energy efficiency, and making our customers more sustainable. We use our core technology and product strengths to bring cost effective solutions to our customers that help reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact. For example, application of our oxyfuel combustion technologies in the manufacture of cement, glass, aluminum and steel enables customers to improve fuel efficiencies up to 65% while reducing emissions of NOx and particulate matter. Likewise, hydrogen has many energy benefits, from removing sulfur from sour crude oil that enables refiners to meet fuel emissions standards, to increasing the amount of fuel that can be produced from a barrel of crude, to hydrogen’s use as an emission-free transportation fuel. It can also be used to produce biodiesel from renewable feedstocks. Due to these benefits and our focus on the environment, Air Products continues to look for methods to produce hydrogen from renewable and low carbon sources, such as biomass and municipal wastewater.

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