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Air Products provides gases and chemicals that industries use to make a wide range of everyday products—from oxygen for medical patients to hydrogen to make cleaner fuels, to specialty chemicals for making diverse products from electronics to personal care products. We do not sell our products directly to consumers, but our products help make people’s lives better in many ways.

Many of our products require special handling. We have developed Product Stewardship Summaries to provide an overview of our products and how they are used, along with important health, safety and environmental information. More detailed safety and health information is available on the Material Safety Data Sheets.

We are developing Product Stewardship Summaries for many of our gases and chemicals using a tiered prioritization process. This prioritization process takes into consideration the production volume, chemical hazards, and risks associated with the intended use of our products. Product stewardship summaries will be completed first for those chemicals identified as high priority. Plan to return to this page to view new summaries.

Merchant Gases
Download (202K)

Download (137K)

Carbon Dioxide 
Download (188K)

Download (252K)

Carbon Monoxide 
Download (182K)

Download (466K)

Download (161K)

Performance Materials 
Polyurethane Amine Catalysts 
Download (165K)

Surfynol® 104 Surfactant 
Download (129K)

Specialty Amines 
Download (194K)

Tall oil fatty acids–tetraethylenepentamine curing agents
Download (474k)

Ancamine® K54 curing agent
Download (455 K)

Epodil Epoxy Diluents
Download (80 K)

Tomamine Ether Amine Products
Download (84 K)

Download (640K)

Tungsten Hexafluoride 
Download (187K)
Nitrogen Trifluoride 
Download (189K)

Chlorine Trifluoride
Download (81K)
Download (96K)

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