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As part of the REACH registration process, each use must be subjected to a Chemical Safety Assessment in order to demonstrate that it is safe for its intended use at the exposure levels expected using the determined Risk Management Measurements such as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). In order to ensure Air Products efficiently capture all intended uses of our products it will be necessary to engage in communication with our customers in a structured & controlled manner.

Cefic, together with the Downstream Users of Chemicals Co-ordination Group (DUCC) and the European Association of Chemical Distributors (FECC), has prepared a statement on use and exposure communication. This statement is for companies to inform their suppliers/customers about the industry's approach to communication on use and exposure information as well as to spread the word that premature and unstructured communication on uses should be avoided.

Before the Chemical Safety Assessment can be started, all uses should be known. The ‘alignment on use’ process has been designed to communicate the uses of any given substance in an efficient way. In this approach, manufacturers and importers start developing information on uses in cooperation with selected customers and with Downstream Users associations. This should result in a list that includes most of the uses. The list is then made available by each supplier to all his downstream users. In case a downstream user does not find his use on the list, he has the possibility to inform his supplier via a standard form. Subsequently, the manufacturers and importers will inform the Downstream Users which uses will finally be supported in the registration dossier.

The ‘alignment’ process should happen in the early stages of the registration process. For substances with a registrations deadline in 2010 or 2013 the alignment on uses was done through this webpage. For substances with later registration deadlines the same approach will apply at a later stage.

Please review the list of uses for your product or for product line of your product. If you will see that all your uses are covered no further action is required. If your use is missing, please use the feedback form to communicate additional uses to us. NB: Air Products cannot guarantee to take into account information about uses submitted by other means.

In association with Downstream User associations and other registrants Air Products has developed a comprehensive list of uses for our products using the process described above. These uses are available via the links below for each relevant product line.

Industrial and Specialty Gases

Please choose a product from the list below.

List Contents (PDFs)

Download PDF (269 K)

Download PDF (266 K)

Download PDF (284 K)

Download PDF (258 K)

Butadiene 1,2-
Download PDF (254 K)

Download PDF (260 K)

Butadiene 1,3-
Download PDF (255 K)

Download PDF (254 K)

Butene 1-
Download PDF (256 K)

Nitric Oxidutene
Download PDF (259 K)

Butane n-
Download PDF (261 K)

Methyl Mercapte
Download PDF (259 K)

Carbon Monoxide
Download PDF (262 K)

Nitrogen Dioxide
Download PDF (259 K)

Carbonyl Sulphide
Download PDF (255 K)

Nitrous Oxide
Download PDF (264 K)

Download PDF (266 K)

Download PDF (248 K)

Chlorodifluoromethane (R22)
Download PDF (258 K)

Download PDF (258 K)

Download PDF (255 K)

Propadiene 1,2-
Download PDF (258 K)

Download PDF (261 K)

Download PDF (262 K)

Download PDF (263 K)

Download PDF (264 K)

Ethylene Oxide
Download PDF (255 K)

Sulphur Hexafluoride
Download PDF (255 K)

Download PDF (262 K)

Sulphur Tetrafluoride
Download PDF (273 K)

Download PDF (254 K)

Sulphur Dioxide
Download PDF (266 K)

Hydrogen Bromide
Download PDF (256 K)

Tetrafluoroethylene (R1114)
Download PDF (259 K)

Hydrogen Chloride
Download PDF (262 K)

Trifluoromethane (R23)
Download PDF (259 K)

Hydrogen Sulphide
Download PDF (260 K)

Tetrafluoroethane (R134a)
Download PDF (256 K)

Electronic Materials

Download PDF (265 K)

Performance Materials:

Epoxy Additives
Download PDF (298 K)

Polyurethane Chemicals
Download PDF (325 K)

Surfactants & Specialty Additives
Download PDF (292 K)

Functional Additives
Download PDF (275 K)

Personal Care 
Download PDF (265 K)

Please submit our Uses feedback form to communicate any additional uses to our REACH team.

Other questions can be directed to our REACH team.

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