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Safety is central to our Company goal of being the safest, most diverse and most profitable industrial gas company in the world. We also believe it’s a moral obligation. We want our employees to return home to their families as safe and in the same condition as when they arrived for work. 

Our beliefs about safety have been instituted for decades through our Total Safety Values, which stress that nothing is more important than safety and that adherence to safety is a condition of employment. Our current leadership has built on this strong foundation, making us an even safer company. 

Year-on-year we strive to improve safety for our colleagues, customers and host communities.

Our goal is to be the safest industrial gas company in the world. Although we have improved our lost-time injury rate by 63 percent and our recordable injury rate by 22 percent since 2014, our safety performance in fiscal 2019 was not acceptable by Air Products’ standards. Regrettably, we had two contractor fatalities in 2019, one in Spain and one in Brazil. Steps were taken to ensure the risks associated with these incidents were identified and communicated.

Safety Performance in 2019 vs. Prior Year 
Employee Recordable Rate1
Employee LTI Rate2 
Contractor Recordable Rate1 
Contractor LTI Rate2   0.02 0.07

1Recordable Incidents
A recordable incident is a work-related injury that requires medical care beyond basic first aid treatment. Examining recordable incidents and their causes gives us a better look at the severity of all injuries and helps in our prevention efforts. Rates are per 200,000 hours worked.

2Lost-time incidents (LTIs)
Lost-time or restricted work injuries or illnesses are typically the most serious incidents. They also are measured as part of our comprehensive efforts to create a safer workplace. Rates are per 200,000 hours worked.

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