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Air Products truck driverAir Products drivers deliver industrial gases—such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, helium and more—to a variety of customers around the world. Each day, these drivers face challenging driving situations, including heavy traffic, treacherous weather conditions, and intricate delivery sites. Keeping safety their top priority, our drivers are focused on delivering safe performance one mile at a time, one delivery at a time, day in and day out.

At Air Products, we work very hard with our drivers in the areas of training, coaching, and safety systems on our tractors and trailers to help make us the safest in our industry. With a global fleet that travels millions of miles each year, nothing is more important than making sure our drivers get to their destinations—and back home—safely.


Individual Million Mile Safe Driving Awards
F/Y 2018

Driver's Name Work Location Award Type Year
Russell Dorfschidt Glenmont, NY 1 MM Oct. 2017
John Eisner Manalapan, NJ 1 MM Oct. 2017
Floyd Coleman Liberal, KS 2 MM Nov. 2017
Tim McLaughlin Sarnia, ONT 1 MM Nov. 2017
David Phillips Reidsville, NC 1 MM Nov. 2017
Edward Gruber  Lancaster, PA 1 MM Dec. 2017
Richard Zuber Jr. Bethlehem, PA 1 MM Jan. 2018
Michael Ray Sears II Midlothian, TX 1 MM Feb. 2018
Calvin Griffin New Orleans, LA 1 MM March 2018
William Hert LaSalle, IL 2 MM March 2018
Mark Nation LaSalle, IL 1 MM March 2018
Craig Thompson
Lancaster, PA 2 MM March 2018
George Faulk Decatur, AL 2 MM Apr. 2018
William Hodges Conyers, GA 1 MM May 2018
Jeffrey Payne Conyers, GA 2 MM  May 2018
Wayne Fisher Reidsville, NC 1 MM July 2018
Clemath Wade New Orleans, LA 1 MM July 2018
Richard Martin Pryor, OK 3 MM July 2018
Timothy HIcks Laporte, TX 2 MM Sept. 2018
Curtis Palmer Marlborough, MA 30 YR Sept. 2018


Terminal Million Mile Awards
F/Y 2018

Location Type Starting Date Ending Date
Lancaster, PA 1 MM 4/11/17 10/17/17
Granite City, IL 1 MM 4/29/17 10/25/17
Creighton, PA 1 MM 10/26/16 11/1/17
Monroe, WI 1 MM 4/30/16 11/9/17
LaSalle, IL 2 MM 7/2/16 11/14/17
New Orleans, LA 1 MM 8/27/17 11/21/17
Union City, IN 1 MM 6/25/14 12/6/17
Glenmont, NY 2 MM 2/12/17 12/22/17
Laporte, TX 2 MM 5/23/17 1/6/18
Ashland, KY 1 MM 9/8/16 1/16/18
Liberal, KS 1 MM 2/25/17 1/24/18
Reidsville, NC 1 MM 11/12/2017 4/16/18
Granite City, IL 2 MM 4/29/17 5/6/18
Sarnia, ONT 1 MM 10/24/17 5/15/18
Adams, NE 1 MM 7/1/14 5/18/18
Galt/Sacramento, CA 1 MM 8/3/17 6/5/18
St. Augustin, QUE 1 MM 6/8/17 7/9/18
LaSalle, IL 3 MM 7/2/16 7/18/18
Gray, TN 1 MM 11/25/17 7/21/18
Pryor, OK 1 MM 10/24/17 7/14/18
Laporte, TX 1 MM 4/18/18 8/20/18
New Orleans, LA 1 MM 6/22/18 9/8/18
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Driver Safety Calendar

On the road to a safe and healthy lifestyle!

Some helpful reminders drawn by the children and grandchildren of our truck drivers.


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