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Security Operations Center (SOC): The Security Operations Center is the central communication hub for all Emergency Response, Crisis Management, Travel Security and Hazardous Material Tracking activities. In addition, the SOC is responsible for the operations of our access control and remote monitoring CCTV systems.

Security Personnel: Air Products employs security personnel globally, including a cyber investigation team, with much of our staff having prior security, audit and law enforcement backgrounds. All third-party contracted security personnel are properly vetted to ensure professional services are achieved around the globe.

Transportation Security: Under our EH&S Corporate Risk Management Process, our Transportation Risk Team evaluates toxic-by-inhalation and flammable gases and chemicals that meet our established corporate risk criteria and completes assessments to analyze transportation risk. This analysis includes a Process Safety review, evaluating package specifications and sizes, shipment frequency, routes, carriers, emergency response capability and elements of the supply chain.

Corporate Security Incident Reporting System: We have implemented a Global Incident Reporting system to respond to allegations and incidents including but are not limited to; Business integrity concerns, thefts, workplace violence, cyber security incidents, and suspicious activities involving our people, products, or facilities.

Employee Travel Security Program: Our Corporate Security and Health & Wellness organizations provide security and medical advisories to employees traveling internationally. Air Products utilizes a web-based travel tracking tool that enables us to identify, locate and communicate with employees traveling anywhere in the world. A security risk assessment is completed for all employees who travel to high-risk locations, including evaluation of travel, lodging and evacuation plans. On our corporate Intranet, our World Alert Website provides current security and medical information for major events such as pandemics. Additionally, a list of high risk locations, posted travel restrictions and travel advisories are available to our global employees. 

Free and Secure Trade (FAST) and U.S. Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) programs: Air Products is a certified and validated member of the C-TPAT and FAST programs. We remain committed to these programs and strive to maintain the highest level of security and integrity across our supply chains.

Security Vulnerability Assessments (SVAs): Air Products has a regimented global SVA program in place supported by trained personnel and global policies and standards. The SVA process systematically assesses the risks at each facility and determines security measures needed to ensure risks are properly mitigated.
Chemical Facility Anti-terrorism Standard (CFATS): Our security and process safety teams are actively engaged in the CFATS effort. We continue to be in compliance with all requirements for Top Screen, SVA and Site Security Plan (SSP) submissions. Our inspection and SSP approval phase is progressing according to plan.

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Emergency Preparedness

We have emergency response plans in place at all of our plant sites and mandatory employee training requirements that are tailored to the level of response. Our Global Crisis Management Plan includes:

• Global and regional crisis management teams

• Crisis management training programs

• Quarterly crisis management meetings

• Annual and site-specific drills/tabletops

• Facility database populated with critical information for all global sites

• Pandemic planning

• 24/7 Global Security Operations Center

• Employee Emergency Line


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