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Industrial Gases

Direct Benefits Indirect Benefits
Cutting and welding
Electric light and compact fluorescent bulbs
Thermal insulation
Used primarily for its efficiency and electrical properties as an inert gas; also provides thermal insulation in energy-efficient windows Enables energy conservation in buildings and homes
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Used as an environmentally friendly quenching medium gas, given its high specific heat and thermal conductivity properties Improves healthcare diagnosis
Eliminates the issue of quenching liquid disposal; also produces cleaner parts, eliminating the need for subsequent washing
Material handling
– Forklifts transportation
Hydrogen fueling stations provide a bridge to a future hydrogen economy Hydrogen-powered fuel cell equipment eliminates lead-acid battery storage and disposal issues
Metals processing Used to help create bright and shiny stainless steel Improves end product quality and reduces waste
Petroleum refining Lowers sulfur in fuels and the corresponding SOx, which causes acid rain Enables catalytic converters to remove other pollutants from transportation fuels, such as NOx, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which cause respiratory problems
Key for world energy security, enabling refiners to use all qualities of crudes, regardless of how heavy or sour Enables the refining industry to comply with clean transportation fuel regulations
By-product can be recycled from chemical facilities, purified and supplied to refiners Recycling leverages all hydrogen sources to maximize hydrogen recovery, ultimately reducing CO2 emissions, lowering NOx emissions, and increasing overall efficiency
Facility design can include cogeneration units, providing steam and power more efficiently; lower carbon footprint overall than alternative stand-alone units

Longer-term, hydrogen production technologies can include biomass and gasification
Purging Can be manufactured and used safely and recycled back to the air following most industrial applications
Food freezing and preservation Replaces traditional refrigerants, such as fluorocarbons, carbon dioxide and ammonia Improves end-product quality and extends shelf life
Fracking Used during well completion to “frac” natural gas-bearing rock formations, including shale gas and natural gas from coal (coal bed methane) Helps to improve the supply of natural gas, a cleaner-burning fuel source
Heat treating Replaces or minimizes hydrocarbon or ammonia-based atmospheres

Used to rapidly cool metal parts, thus reducing the need for quenching oils
Provides enhanced safety and quality

Helps control process temperatures, making the process more efficient
Cryogenic grinding Used to grind heat-sensitive materials, including plastic and rubber, and recover key raw materials Enables recycling of materials, such as tires, that would otherwise be landfilled
Combustion for 
– Cement
– Glass
– Aluminum
– Steel
Used to reduce energy requirements in industrial furnaces (oxy-fuel burners) through rapid combustion; results in better control of heating patterns, higher furnace efficiencies (lower fuel consumption), and reduction in particulate and NOx emissions Reduces fuel consumption and lowers NOx emissions while increasing production rates, enabling reductions in GHGs
Medical Provides respiratory aid and promotes healing Improved quality of life

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