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Our success is built on delivering excellent products and service to our customers. We are committed to providing them with the right innovations and solutions to make their processes better. At the same time, we’re focused on improving our own processes to increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact. 

Our Application Technology Teams, located in the United States, Europe and Asia, focus on new value creation for our customers through technology, equipment, and process solutions. Our sustainable approach helps customers improve productivity, product quality or cost, while enabling them to reduce dependence on hazardous materials or meet stringent environmental regulations. The regional teams collaborate closely on new application development that allows technologies developed in one region to be implemented across other geographies. 

A few of the recent successes include:

Cleanfire® HRxTM Oxy-fuel Burner—A unique burner for the glass industry that enables ultra-low NOx, high efficiency and foam reduction for improved glass quality. The burner has been successfully deployed to multiple installations around the world.

Electron AttachmentTM Fluxless for Wafer Level Packaging—A novel flux-free technology for wafer bump and copper pillar reflow processes that eliminates the use of chemical fluxes, cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions. The technology is currently in trials with customers in U.S. and Asia. 

Freshline® IQ Tunnel Freezer—A low cost, modular tunnel freezer that enables vaporized liquid nitrogen to be dispersed optimally throughout the tunnel, which translates to the shortest freezer required to cool or freeze product, as well as minimized running costs.

Transient Heating Oxy-fuel Burner—Used for the non-ferrous metal recycling market, this burner enables directed and distributed heating that improves energy efficiency and yield of various metals. The burner has been successfully implemented at customer furnaces globally. 

Our Global Gases Technology Team is focused on two, strategic areas: plant productivity and equipment products. Each year the Team creates a Technology Plan that establishes the research and development (R&D) budget and includes a productivity target aimed at saving millions of dollars. The Team works closely with Operations to meet this target through activities such as condition monitoring, network optimization and plant efficiencies.

From an equipment products perspective, the Team develops new technologies and improves cycle management and power efficiency of existing equipment. Recent examples include:

PRISM® Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) Oxygen Generator—This technology works at ambient temperature, significantly reducing power consumption and capital investment, and provides a reliable oxygen supply using a molecular sieve that helps our customers maximize efficiency and reduce energy requirements, along with featuring a smaller physical footprint and shorter installation and start-up time. 

PRISM® PHG830 Hydrogen Generator—This technology combines Air Products’ proprietary reformer technology with its hydrogen pressure swing adsorption capabilities. This highly efficient system uses less natural gas and other utilities, saving customers energy and associated costs. It also has a smaller physical footprint, and shorter installation and start-up time.

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