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Epoxy Curing Agents
Industrial Coatings
700 series Anquamine® waterbased curing agents and Ancarez® water-based resins are solvent-free, waterborne formulas, thus reducing or eliminating VOCs
Our Ancamide® curing agent product line includes renewable raw materials; newer Ancamine® curing agents are BP- (benzylalcohol) and NP- (nonylphenol) free
Can be used to make low or no VOC industrial coatings; enables regulations compliance
Used to make emissions-free flooring; can be used to make composites for wind turbines, enabling alternative energy generation sources that allow power plants to reduce/avoid GHG emissions
Hybridur® 800 Series Resins
Industrial Coatings
Hybridur® 800 series waterborne resin is NMP-free (n-methyl pyrrolidone), and in combination with our EnviroGem® additives, significantly reduces the level of VOCs in customers’ formulations
Polyurethane Additives
Household Goods
Can be used for flexible and rigid foam applications, replacing CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) and HCFCs (hydro chlorofluorocarbons) and enabling use of natural-based raw materials
Dabco® and Polycat® catalysts reduce foam odor and VOCs for emission-sensitive applications and reduce emissions in foam plant production environments
Spray foam formulations create better insulation of homes, businesses and institutions, reducing power and energy needs, and ultimately, GHG emissions; reduces foam odor and emissions
Specialty Additives
Industrial Coatings
Industrial Specialties
EnviroGem®, Dynol™, and Surfynol® surfactants enable waterborne coatings, inks and adhesives to perform as well as solvent-borne systems; formulators can replace solvents and lower VOCs
Most Surfynol additives and 100% of Dynol, EnviroGem, Carbowet® and ZetaSperse® additives contain no alkylphenol ethoxylate surfactants (APEs) or HAPss
EnviroGem 360, Dynol 604 and Dynol 607 superwetters allow coatings formulators to achieve excellent wetting, flow and leveling without using environmentally persistent and bioaccumulative fluorosurfactants ZetaSperse and Surfynol CT series dispersants enable shorter pigment grind times and reduce the energy consumption to produce pigment dispersons
Functional Additives
Industrial and Institutional Cleaning
Tomadol® L series surfactants are derived from palm or coconut oil and provide efficient, environmentally friendly alternatives to phenol-containing surfactants such as NPEs; product line is listed with CleanGredients® Enables lower temperatures for hard surface cleaners and faster clean time, thus allowing our customers’ customers to reduce energy use and, ultimately, GHG emissions Formulations using Tomadol surfactants use significantly less solvent than NPE-containing solutions, enabling manufacturers to meet increasingly stringent VOC regulations

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