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Air Products Hydrogen: a key enabler in global energy production.

No company knows refinery hydrogen like Air Products, nor has any company spent as much time developing hydrogen as a fuel.

With over 80 plants and over 700 miles of pipeline, Air Products is the world's largest producer of outsourced hydrogen to oil refineries, which use hydrogen to get the most out of every barrel of oil in making cleaner burning transportation fuels. And with involvement in over 150 hydrogen fueling projects worldwide, we are leveraging our vast hydrogen experience and resources to advance hydrogen fuel cell technology to make the hydrogen economy a reality. 


Refinery Hydrogen

While our hydrogen is used in the production of numerous consumer and industrial products, the largest volume application is "refinery hydrogen," and we are the leading global supplier. Oil refineries use hydrogen to make lower sulfur, cleaner burning transportation fuels.

The average barrel of processed crude oil has become heavier (a higher carbon-to-hydrogen ratio) and more sour (more sulfur). Through a chemical reaction, hydrogen lightens heavier crude and enables the removal of sulfur. This allows oil refineries to produce higher value product mixes, such as gasoline, and meet increasingly tighter low-sulfur fuel specifications globally. Air Products' refinery hydrogen is playing a key role in producing transportation fuel that's easier on the environment.
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Hydrogen Pipelines

Air Products operates hydrogen pipeline networks around the world. Examples include pipelines in Sarnia, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta in Canada; in Rotterdam in The Netherlands; and in the U.S. in Southern California and the Texas/Louisiana Gulf Coast. We continue to grow and expand these franchises.

Before 2012 Air Products operated two separate hydrogen pipeline systems in Texas and Louisiana. To deliver additional value to customers, Air Products joined the two pipelines with a new 180-mile segment. This expansion makes it the world’s largest hydrogen plant and pipeline supply network. Air Products’ Gulf Coast Pipeline Network is now able to provide hydrogen to customers along the 600-mile pipeline span from over 20 hydrogen production facilities with a system capacity of 1.4 billion SCFD (standard cubic feet per day). Louisiana.

Air Products has safely operated hydrogen pipelines for over 40 years, incorporating a design philosophy based on 100 years of continuous safe operation. Our pipeline design and operations meet or exceed government requirements.

Energy from Hydrogen

The use of hydrogen as a commercial energy source may be in its early stages, however, great strides are being made every day. Challenges to the hydrogen economy include integrating systems, creating a fueling infrastructure, and gaining consumer acceptance. Air Products is working to address these challenges:

  • We are the leader in hydrogen fueling infrastructure, with involvement in over 150 hydrogen fueling projects worldwide, and we are a leading developer of hydrogen energy services and equipment. Cars, trucks, vans, buses, scooters, forklifts and other materials handling equipment, and even submarines, have been fueled with this trend-setting technology that involves our know-how, equipment and hydrogen.
  • We are working with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for automotive and other consumer products, equipment manufacturers, and commercial users to demonstrate and test hydrogen's benefits.
  • We are actively involved in fuel cell and internal combustion applications and demonstration projects, partnering with industry and government.
  • We are a principal participant in initiatives to make direct hydrogen economically viable; e.g., hydrogen reforming and generation, storage technologies, fueling components and infrastructure.
  • We are an active and knowledgeable member of codes and standards development committees, which are keys to furthering the hydrogen economy.
  • We have an unsurpassed safety record in the production, storage, handling, and distribution of hydrogen and other gases, earning more safety-related awards than any other industrial gas company. We have assumed a leadership role in supporting the hydrogen fuel technology community in the safe use of hydrogen.


Hydrogen’s Benefits Today

  • Lowers sulfur in fuels and the corresponding sulfur dioxide, which causes acid rain
  • Enables catalytic converters to remove other pollutants from transportation fuels—such as nitrous oxide (NOx), particulate matter and volatile organic compounds (Vox)—which cause respiratory problems
  • Helps conserve precious natural resources by enabling refiners to increase the amount of fuel that can be produced from every barrel of crude oil
  • Enables refiners to use all qualities of crude, regardless of how heavy or sour

Hydrogen’s Benefits Tomorrow

  • The cleanest burning and most efficient fuel – Can be used to produce electricity in a fuel cell for the cleanest option or in an internal combustion engine,
    where emissions are still significantly reduced compared with other fuels
  • Can produce electricity and electricity can produce hydrogen, creating an energy loop that is renewable and harmless to the environment

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