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Air Products Demonstrated Its World-Leading Position in Liquefied Natural Gas Technology and Equipment at LNG18 Conference

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Air Products to Highlight World-Leading Liquefied Natural Gas Technology and Equipment at LNG18 Conference in AustraliaAir Products, the world’s leader in liquefied natural gas (LNG) technology and equipment, shared the latest in its bank of knowledge and experience at the recent LNG18 International Conference & Exhibition in Perth, Australia. Conference attendees who stopped by Air Products' booth had an opportunity to speak with our industry specialists about their specific LNG requirements and learned how our products and services can help with the successful design, construction, start-up and operation of their LNG facilities.

Benefit from Our Knowledge and Experience

Air Products’ industry specialists shared the following valuable information with conference attendees through a series of technical presentations, poster sessions, and workshops.

Selecting Design Criteria for Natural Gas Liquefaction Facilities 
Economical plant design necessarily involves trade-offs, and the selection of a design basis without proper judgment may negatively impact the LNG project economics. This paper discusses how plant design variables should be carefully considered in the early stages of project execution to ensure that the overall liquefaction facility design meets the project goals.
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Liquefaction‒’Uncommon Knowledge’ Leads to Innovation
To meet today’s market challenges, the LNG industry must extend the technology, often based on some shared “common knowledge.” This paper carefully analyzes past experience to show that some of this “common knowledge” or its extrapolation is incorrect, giving us new “uncommon knowledge.” The new “uncommon knowledge” allows the industry to simultaneously innovate and manage risk.
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Novel Nitrogen Removal Schemes for LNG Plants with Electric Motor Drive and Varying Feed Composition
There has recently been an increasing interest in using electric motors to drive LNG process compressors and liquefy feed gas taken from domestic pipelines. The significantly reduced fuel demand and the potentially varying nitrogen content in the feed bring new challenges to modern plant design and operation. This paper discusses some novel nitrogen removal schemes to help meet overall fuel balance requirements and LNG purity specifications.
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Restart Methods for Parallel Compressor String Operation
Multiple parallel refrigeration compression strings are becoming more prevalent for mixed refrigerant processes. It is critical that the operator be able to bring one compressor string online when the plant is operating at reduced rates with the other compressor string already online. This paper describes the results of dynamic simulation analysis and discusses the preferred method.
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Fast Facts

  • Air Products’ LNG technology takes natural gas that is essentially a stranded valuable resource and unlocks it by liquefying it and making it possible to economically ship it around the world.
  • Air Products’ LNG technology is vital to helping meet the world’s increasing energy needs and desire for clean energy.
  • A majority of the total worldwide LNG is produced using Air Products’ technology. 
  • Air Products has designed, manufactured, and shipped 110 coil wound heat exchangers for LNG projects around the globe. 
  • Air Products’ LNG technology is operating in 15 countries around the world. 
  • An Air Products heat exchanger can be as large as 16.5 feet (5.0 meters) in diameter, 180 feet (55 meters) long, and weigh as much as 500 tons (455 metric tons).

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Air Products to Highlight World-Leading Liquefied Natural Gas Technology and Equipment at LNG18 Conference in AustraliaAir Products has been manufacturing LNG heat exchangers at its Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania facility for over 45 years. To stay ahead of increasing demand for the company’s world leading LNG technology and equipment, Air Products opened a second manufacturing facility in 2014 in Manatee County, Florida. The new facility, with ready access to port services, allows Air Products to manufacture the even larger LNG heat exchangers that are being demanded by the market.

Learn more about Air Products’ complete range of products and services for the successful design, construction, start-up and operation of your LNG facility.
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