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Air Products’ Expectations of its Suppliers

Air Products expects its suppliers to support sustainability by following these guiding principles that are aligned with the three pillars of our sustainability program, Grow - Conserve - Care.


Air Products provides innovative products and solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ business needs. We expect our suppliers to support a collaborative approach to developing new, competitive and sustainable offerings.

Innovation and Strategy: Suppliers are encouraged to evolve their offerings to remain competitive with a changing global landscape, and will bring creative solutions to Air Products that support our sustainability goals.

Financial performance: Suppliers will manage their finances in a responsible manner, consistent with best practices within their respective industries. Suppliers will keep accurate accounting and business records and report them in compliance with applicable requirements.


Air Products takes our commitment to preserving the environment seriously. The company’s policies meet or exceed government environmental protection laws in the countries where we operate. Environmental responsibility is integral to producing world class products. In manufacturing operations, adverse effects on the environment and natural resources are to be minimized while safeguarding the health and safety of the public.

Environmental compliance requirements are noted in our Code of Conduct under Acting Responsibly to Preserve and Protect the Environment. In addition, suppliers are encouraged to develop environmental sustainability programs that consider the following:

Energy and Emissions: Suppliers are encouraged to develop energy conservation and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction programs. Energy production and consumption are responsible for the majority of man-made GHGs. Improving energy efficiency reduces GHG emissions as well as energy costs, helping suppliers be more competitive. Suppliers are encouraged to propose energy and emission efficient products to Air Products as our technical evaluations of supplier offerings include consideration of these factors.

Resource Conservation: Suppliers are encouraged to develop water conservation and reuse programs. Waste should be reduced or eliminated at the source or by practices such as modifying production, maintenance and facility processes, materials substitution, conservation, recycling, and re-using materials.


Air Products’ social responsibility efforts are focused on employees, communities and other stakeholders. We are focused on upholding our integrity and accountability as core values, and expect the same of our suppliers.  

Safety and Health: At Air Products, our highest priority is to make sure employees are provided with safe and healthy working conditions. The quality of products and services, consistency of production, and worker morale are enhanced by a safe and healthy work environment. Supplier safety requirements are noted in our Code of Conduct under Keeping Our Workplace, Employees and Communities Safe.

Employees: As stated in our Human Rights policy, Air Products is committed to consistently treating employees with respect, fairness, and dignity. Suppliers are expected to meet the Equal Opportunity Employment and Human Rights and Labor and Employment Laws as noted in our Code of Conduct. In addition, suppliers must report the use of conflict minerals in their products prior to shipping these materials to Air Products. Suppliers will comply with all applicable laws on work hours, overtime, wages and benefits.

Air Products policy is to provide maximum practical opportunities for qualified firms to compete for business regardless of ownership background. Our company’s approach to supplier diversity will vary by region, but it is focused on building a supply base that reflects the needs of our diverse customers.

Communities: Air Products has a long-standing tradition of supporting the communities where we operate and where our employees and their families live and work. We encourage our suppliers to consider supporting their local communities.

Integrity and Accountability: It is expected that all suppliers will have a Code of Conduct or conduct business consistent with the tenets outlined in the Air Products Code of Conduct. Applicable tenets include Antitrust and Competition Laws, Appropriate Ways to Obtain Competitive Information, International Business and Trade Laws, Anti-Bribery and Corrupt Practices Laws, and Conflicting Personal Interests. If any Air Products employee or agent does not adhere to these principles, suppliers should call the Air Products IntegrityLine toll-free number for their country or file a confidential report at

Systems: Suppliers are expected to follow the Intellectual Property and Protecting Company Information Assets requirements in our Code of Conduct and are encouraged to have systems in place to protect these assets.

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