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Cell Stabilized Flexible PU Foam Technology


Air Products is offering for license technology which covers making polyurethane flexible foam using dimensional stabilizing, cell opening additives. Flexible molded polyurethane foam requires mechanical crushing to open cells and prevent shrinkage. Opening cells also improves dimensional stability of the foam pad. Current mechanical methods for cell opening consist mainly of crushing, vacuum rupture, or time pressure release. Other mechanical attempts have been made to achieve dimensionally stable foam such as decreasing cycle production times and time pressure release. The mechanical methods mentioned above usually result in incomplete or inconsistent cell opening and require a flexible molded foam producer to invest in additional machinery. A chemical method for cell opening would be preferred by the industry. Air Products has identified an industry need regarding cell opening technology for producing polyurethane foam. The industry wants improved quality of foam, a reduction of production cost, and multi-use application. The Polyurethane Flexible Foam Technology provides a method for preparing foam using stabilizing cell opening water dispersed adhesives, while solving the industry problems. The method focuses on a reaction between an organic polyisocyanate and a polyol in the presence of a catalyst. The technology solves an industry need and creates additional process benefits, which are listed below.


  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Maintained fine cell structure, especially at the foam surface
  • Reduction in the force necessary to crush freshly demolded foam
  • Low levels of dispersion additive are used
  • Allows the use of stronger stabilizing surfactants
  • Appearance of foam is unchanged

IP Table


Priority Patent Docket No.

Aqueous Wax Dispersion as Cell Openers in Making Polyurethane Flexible Foam

US 6,080,800

Cell Stabilizing Polyurethane Flexible Foam
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