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Air Products is offering for license a patent that relates the discovery that by incorporating a specific range of amounts of piperazine ring containing polyamines into polyamide compositions comprising fatty acid, dimmer acid, and a polyethyleneamine, polyamide curing agents are produced which have a higher amine hydrogen equivalent weight at comparable viscosity than polyamides of the current art. Coatings based on epoxy resins are important industrial products as they are used for the protection and decoration of large metal or concrete structures. Epoxy coatings of this type have proven themselves to offer an excellent combination of corrosion resistance, water resistance, abrasion resistance, solvent resistance, etc and do so in a cost effective manner. However, they require polyfunctional amines as the curing agents. Polyamides are employed because they allow for the formulation of coatings with an excellent combination of water and corrosion resistance as well as flexibility and reasonable cure times. As a result of environmental regulations and to reduce the solvent levels in coatings there has been a need to reduce the viscosity of the binders employed in coatings. An approach to this is to employ hardeners with reduced viscosity but they will also have a lower equivalent weight increasing the dry time. The invention described overcomes many of the problems currently associated with epoxy coating formulations such as the tendency for curing agents to rise to the surface of the coating during the cure and substrate adhesion.


  • Lower solvent content in coating
  • Faster dry speed
  • Improved wet adhesion
  • Reduced exudates
  • Improved corrosion resistance

IP Table


Priority Patent Docket No.

Polyamide Curing Agents Based On Mixtures of Polyethyleneamines and Piperazine Derivatives US 6,008,313

Polyamide Resin Coatings
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