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Atmospheric Fluxless Removal of Thin Metal Oxides from Substrates

An atmospheric process and system for removal of thin surface metal oxides from substrates is offered in which no organic solvents or fluxes are necessary.
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Fluorine Removal Process

Fluorine is removed from exhaust gas from a semiconductor manufacturing operation creating process benefits which include: eliminating un-reacted fluorine from exhaust gases and reducing safety concerns by eliminating OF2 and NoF3.
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Low VOC Cleanroom Wipes

A new pre-wetted cleaning surface is available which has low volatile organic chemical (VOC) and low nonvolatile residue (NVR), all while creating additional process benefits and meeting stricter safety and environmental standards.
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Low VOC Foam Controlling Agent Technology

Low VOC Foam Controlling Agent Technology utilizes the reaction products of polyamines and alkyl glycidyl ethers as foam controlling agents that offer advantages in low odor, low color, improved shelf stability, and low VOC (volatile organic content).
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Pump-less Pressurization of Gases

A method and system for pressurizing high purity fluid in liquefied form to an ultra high pressure fluid in vapor or supercritical form using a constant volume, heated vaporization vessel has been created which provides numerous benefits including: reduced maintenance costs, elimination of lubrication contamination, and elimination of moving parts.
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Purification of Organosilanes

Improved method of organosilane purification that increases product recovery.
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Removing Particles Technology

A new process and equipment for removing particles from electronics specialty gases has been developed by Air Products. The new process and device creates process benefits including: increased time between routine maintenance, reduced variability in gas quality, and lower vapor pressure required.
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Self Evacuating Micro Environment

An improved design and process for the clean transfer of sensitive components in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices had been designed which creates process benefits including: decreased processing costs, decreased tool costs, increased productivity of processing tools, and increased device.
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Specialty Gas CNC

A condensation nucleus counter (CNC) has been developed that can measure particles smaller than 0.02 µm in toxic or reactive specialty gases. The novel CNC was constructed from corrosion resistant materials and can withstand gas pressures as high as 60 psig. The instrument provides numerous proce.
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Technology for Treating Waste Streams Containing Solid-Forming Gases

A process and system for treating waste streams containing various concentrations of pyrophoric solid-forming gases at higher rates while improving safety and lowering maintenance of operations.
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Ultrafine Aerosol Condensation Nucleus Counter - (UFACNC)

A new particle counter has been developed for electronics gas applications. The new ultrafine aerosol condensation nucleus counter (UFACNC) can detect individual 30 Angstrom contaminant particles more efficiently than any commercially available instrument. The new UFACNC samples five times faster.
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