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Purification of Organosilanes


Air Products is offering for license a patent that introduces a process for the removal of Group 13 and/or Group 15 impurities from and organosilane. This process is comprised of contacting an organosilane with a reagent substantially soluble in the organosilane and forming a complex with the Group 13 and/or Group 15 element which is less volatile than the organosilane. The reagent is selected from an organic molecule consisting of any of the following functionalities: thiols, alcohols, carboxylic acids, amines or mixtures thereof. The complex formed by the reagent is separated from the organosilane by distillation. This is a process that is necessary to provide high purity organosilanes which are widely used in the electronics industry. Organosilanes are used as a major source for depositing silicon dioxide in the fabrication of semiconductors. Ultra high purity precursors are extremely important for the fabrication of high performance devices in the semiconductor industry. As the device density increases with the number of transistors, the dimensions of the device decrease to submicroscopic features. Even very low levels of impurities can affect the device in high failure rates and low performance. The thickness of the dielectric layers between the levels is continuously reduced to allow for the devices to operate at high speeds. As a result even small amounts of impurities diffuse readily at high temperatures through these dielectric layers and cause device failures. Some of the other problems which are caused by the presence of impurities are leakage current at junctions, unstable electrical characteristics of silicon dioxide, and localized eutectic points with silicon to form undesirable alloys. Some previous methods of Group 13 and Group 15 impurity removal do currently exist. One such method is the removal of boron and other impurities in water by use of a boron specific resin. Ion exchange resins which contain N-methylglucamine have been used specifically to bind boron as boric acid.


  • Higher purity
  • Decreased distillation losses
  • Improved performance of the devices the organosilanes are used to make
  • Decreased failure of the devices the organosilanes are used to make


Priority Patent Docket No.

Purification of Organosilanes of Group 13 (IIA) and 15 (VA) Impurities US 5,902,893


These patents are available for license on a worldwide basis.

Purification of Organosilanes
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