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Air Products is offering for license a new method for removing contaminant particles from electronics specialty gases. Methods for measuring particles in high purity specialty gas systems for the electronics and semiconductor industries have been developed; however, particle contamination in the gases is not always controlled in low vapor pressure gases where filtration is impractical. Therefore, levels of particle contamination in filled gas cylinders or at the point-of-use can exceed normally acceptable levels for semiconductor processing. Suspended contaminant particles are removed from filled gas cylinders and flowing high purity gas distribution systems using electrostatic precipitation. The particles are deposited on electrically grounded collector surfaces which may include the internal surface of the gas cylinder, internal tubing surfaces, or other specially designed surfaces inserted into the gas. The new method is an efficient way of removing particles from the gas cylinder or flowing gas stream. Electrostatic precipitation permits development of tight particle specifications for filled electronics gas cylinders and high purity gas systems. The ability to ensure specialty gas quality in these systems can provide your corporation a substantial competitive advantage and numerous process benefits.


  • Increased time between routine maintenance
  • Minimizes droplet clogging
  • Lower vapor pressure required
  • Removes particles from gas stream where filtration is not practical or possible
  • Removes particles and droplets without pressure drop
  • Reduced pressure fluctuations
  • Reduced variability in gas quality
  • Reduced yield loss for semiconductor manufacturers


Priority Patent Docket No.

Process and Apparatus for Removing Particles from High Purity Gas Systems US 6,436,170
Process and Apparatus for Removing Particles from High Purity Gas Systems US 6,517,608

Removing Particles from High Purity Gas Systems
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