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Technology for Treating Waste Streams Containing Solid-Forming Gases


A combustor and corresponding process for treating solid-forming gases is offered. The combustor incorporates combustion and pre-combustion chambers and a multi-wall burner resulting in a highly stable flame. Such a stable flame yields safe and effective processing of waste gas streams with variable compositions, including waste gas streams having substantial inert gas fractions. Improved combustion technology provides controlled reaction of solid-forming gas resulting in much less buildup of solids on the combustor or in the combustion chamber, leading to efficient collection of particulates at the intended downstream collection site. Improved combustion technology results in much less physical particle build-up as a result of particle-forming gas combustion on the surfaces of the burner. Throughput of gases through such a device is correspondingly higher as frequent clogging is not observed and less frequent cleaning of the assembly is necessary. Clogging and particle build-up are safety concerns in such applications and are to be avoided. Gases such as silane, phosphine, arsine and others are all candidates for treatment in such an apparatus. A wide range of flow rates and concentrations have been demonstrated in R&D, pilot and commercial application.


  • Higher throughput of gases via an apparatus/method inhibiting particulate buildup in apparatus resulting in safer operating conditions.
  • Capable of processing high concentrations of solid-forming gases.
  • Stable operation with variable waste gas concentrations.
  • Low maintenance / less downtime.
  • Improved Safety.
  • Higher throughput rate.


Priority Patent Docket No.

Burner and process for combustion of a gas capable of reacting to form solid products US 7,074,034


Limited tech transfer assistance is available with a license. Operational know-how also exists.

Treatment of Gas Streams Containing Solid-forming Gases
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