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Biofuels LPMEOH™ Liquefaction


For gasification system integrators who need conversion of syngas into liquid fuels, Air Products’ proprietary liquid-phase methanol (LPMeOH) system offers both economical conversion and robust process tolerances suitable to a wide range of syngas-producing systems.

Unlike traditional syngas liquification systems, the breakthrough LPMeOH system can ramp up and down while providing superior conversion efficiency and heat integration. This process is more flexible than conventional methanol conversion, permitting a broader range of carbon-rich feeds.
Conversion to DME is also possible, offering better integration for biofuel applications. Performance of the LPMeOH technology is supported by numerous studies and real-world, full-scale demonstration systems making 10–230 tons per day at 50%+ conversion.


  • Flexible Gasification Sources 
  • Flexible Conversion Rate
  • DME Conversion Available
  • Superior Heat Integration


Priority Patent Docket No.

Twenty-One (21) patents protect this technology


Liquid Phase Methanol (LPMEOH™)
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