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CO-Rich Syngas Production Process


Current methods for syngas production are thermodynamically inefficient. They use high temperature steam throughout the process to avoid coking. This invention allows the use of high temperature steam only in the critical region and low temperature steam downstream of the critical region. The result is a syngas stream with a higher concentration of CO which requires less CO2 recycle due to a minimized water gas shift effect at the lower steam temperature. The benefits are two-fold: less expensive CO2 recycle and less energy required to heat the steam. CO-rich syngas can be used in CO production, Gas to Liquids (GTL) plants, Fisher-Tropsch (FT) plants, and in methanol production. This technology has been modeled and calculations were done to show the reduction in size required for the CO2 recycle loop. It employs known process steps in an innovative fashion to solve the coking issue while saving the user both capital and operating costs.


  • Thermodynamically efficient CO-rich syngas production
  • Minimizes water gas shift; reduced CO2 recycle required


Priority Patent Docket No.

Reforming with Intermediate Reactant Injection

US 6,527,980


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CO-Rich Syngas Production Process
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