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Hybrid Process for Depositing Electrochromatic Coating


Air Products is offering for license a patent relating to the hybrid process to produce multilayer ECD’s. Electrochromic materials have the ability to change their optical properties when stimulated by voltage. Electrochromic materials are important to the architectural and automotive markets, especially for use in displays, rear-view mirrors, and smart windows. Typically, ECD’s are manufactured using a single deposition technology, mainly magnetron sputtering. The deposition rate by sputtering greatly depends upon the material that is being deposited. Depending upon the material used for sputtering the process can be efficient or inefficient. For example, it is inefficient and time consuming to use the sputtering process for depositing ion conducting layer as well as working electrode and ion storage electrode layers in multilayer ECD’s. Since sputtering is not efficient for depositing some of the layers in multilayer ECD’s, a hybrid process for the production of ECD’s has been designed to optimize coating resources. Plasma CVD is a coating technique that compliments the sputtering process, and is used to deposit layers that are inefficient to deposit by sputtering in multilayer ECD’s.. The plasma CVD process costs are dominated by raw materials, while the magnetron sputtering process costs are dominated by labor and depreciation. In order to create a process savings it is optimal to coat the multilayer ECD’s using a combination of magnetron sputtering and plasma CVD. There are also other secondary deposition techniques that can be combined with the plasma CVD process besides magnetron sputtering. These secondary deposition techniques include: ion beam evaporation, thermal evaporation, e-bearm evaporation, and thermal CVD performed under either atmospheric pressure or vacuum. The secondary deposition techniques are preferably used for depositing the layers of the ECD that are easy to deposit by their respective techniques.


  • Improves efficiency of manufacturing ECD’s
  • Optimizes deposition of coating layers
  • Reduces overall cost

IP Table


Priority Patent Docket No.

Hybrid Process for Depositing Electrochromic Coating US 7,106,488

Hybrid Process for Depositing Electrochromatic Coating
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