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Organo Fluorination Technologies


Air Products is offering for license technology that is most appropriately applied to specialty compound syntheses where the existing traditional fluorination technologies, such as halogen exchange or Balz-Schiemann chemistry, are either not desirable or not applicable. The market opportunities for the Technology are generally low-volume, high-value, niche-applications.


  • Safe Fluorine handling methodologies
  • Air Products proprietary materials possess superior process selectivity which permit the attainment of purity levels not achievable by other means.
  • Safe and stable production of 6-position fluoro-steroids
  • Ability to convert Ketone Structures to their di-fluoro equivalents
  • Ability to convert carboxylic acids (COOH) to their tri-fluoro (CF3) equivalents
  • Alternative to fluorine in strong acid technology

IP Table


Priority Patent Docket No.

Imidazolate Sulfuryl Difluorides US 5,939,546
Process for Selectively Ortho-Fluorinating Substituted Aromatic Compounds

US 5,233,074

Method of Selective Fluorination US 5,442,084
Fluorination with Aminosulfur Trifluorides US 6,080,886
Process for Generating Novel electrophiles Using Selectfluor® US 6,270,843
High Purity Preparation of Fluorinated 1,3-dicarbonyls Using BDM (bis-fluoroxydifluoromethane) US 6,307,105
Synthesis of Vicinal Difluoro Aromatics and Intermediates Thereof US 6,455,744
Synthesis of Vicinal Difluoro Aromatics and Intermediates Thereof US 6,515,191
Active Fluoride Catalysts for Fluorination Reactions US 6,524,990
Direct Fluorination Process For Preparing High Purity 2-Fluoro-1,3-dicarbonyl Compounds Using Oxygen as a Radical Scavanger US 6,455,728
Synthesis of 2-Deoxy-2-Fluoro-Arabinose Derivates US 6,462,191
Synthesis of Vicinal Difluoro Aromatics and Intermediates Thereof US 6,706,933
Synthesis of Vicinal Difluoro Aromatics and Intermediates Thereof US 6,894,200
Process For Producing 1,1-Difluorovinyl Cycloaliphatic Compounds US 7,030,283
Active Fluroide Catalysts for Fluorination Reactions US 6,524,990

Organo Fluorination Technologies
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