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Co-Production of Hydrogen and Methanol

Steam reforming of a light hydrocarbon feed yields syngas that is then split into two streams: a first stream which can be fed to a unit to make methanol, and a second stream which can be fed along with steam to make a shifted syngas comprising H2 and CO2 that is separated by PSA to give high purity.
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CO-Rich Syngas Production Process

Expanding off a solid foundation in the hydrogen production area, Air Products has designed an energy-efficient process for producing CO-rich syngas. This reforming process uses intermediate injection of reactants to allow for low temperature steam without coking.
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Hydrocarbon Gas Separation Process

An improved process for light hydrocarbon gas separation has been designed in order to create new process benefits.
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Hydrogen Purification Technology

Advanced state of the art hydrogen purification technology from the world leader in hydrogen production.
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Biofuels LPMEOH™ Liquefaction

Air Products is making avaiable for license a highly efficient method for producing biofuels including methanol and dimethyl ether (DME) from syngas.  Biofuels LPMEOH™ Liquefaction coverts syngas to methanol. Proven biofuel liquefaction process converts biomass to methanol or DME then used as a fuel, in fuel-cells or to make bio-diesel. DME: a low-sulfur, low-NOX fuel for diesel, IC and turbine engines. Contact Greg Wolf:
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Making CO-Rich Syngas and High Purity H2

This is a method to produce simultaneously hydrogen and syngas that has a H2/CO ratio <2.5. It is accomplished by removing CO2 from the effluents of primary and secondary reformers and then increasing CO2 feed amounts to a secondary reformer.
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Reducing NOX during Air-Oxygen-Fuel Combustion

A method and apparatus for air-oxygen-fuel combustion that increases furnace productivity while minimizing NOx formation.
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Vent Stream for O2 Combustion

A method has been developed for oxygen-enhanced combustion that increase productivity and fuel efficiency, while reducing flue gas volume and pollution emissions. The technology takes advantage of the oxygen-rich vent stream from nitrogen generation equipment which may also exist at a factory.
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Liquid Battery

Air Products has for license a highly efficient method for storing hydrogen in a room-temperature, organic liquid.  This breakthrough invention solves the problem of hydrogen fuel storage, one of the major challenges facing the hydrogen economy.
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