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At Air Products, conversations are the heart of our relationships. So when you hear us say "tell me more," it's our call to conversation . . . a conversation designed to share knowledge and understanding for mutual benefit.

This Resource Center is a way to share some of that knowledge. It's your resource to the latest Electronics Assembly information, including trade shows and other events, articles and publications, plus technical papers and case studies, and much more about our current offerings and new developments.

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Videos/Narrated Presentations (4)

IPC Apex 2013 Show - Dr. Christine Dong (7:33)

Nitrogen reflow: A solution for reducing head-in-pillow (HIP) defects and improving assembly reliability (6:14)

Fluxless soldering using electron attachment (AE) (9:03)

Inert Wave Soldering Technology (2:38)

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Articles & Publications (21)

Atmosphere Effect on Soldering of Flip Chip Assemblies

Download (115 KB)

Benefits of Inert Gas Soldering

Download (64 KB)

Case History/Utilization of Nitrogen in IR Reflow Soldering

Download (1.8 MB)

Case Studies: Nitrogen for Wave Solder Processes— Cost of Ownership

Download (103 KB)

Controlled Atmospheres for Soldering Processes

Download (455 KB)

Effects of Atmosphere Composition on Soldering Performance of Lead-free Alternatives

Download (400 KB)

Effect of Nitrogen Atmosphere on the Self-Alignment Properties of a Pb-free Solder

Download (108 KB)

Effects of Solder Reflow Conditions on the Assembly of Electronics Packaging and Printed Circuit Boards

Download (1.0 MB)

Effects of Reduced Purity Nitrogen in the Inert Wave Soldering Environment

Download (1.0 MB)

Electron Attachment: A New Approach to H2 Fluxless Solder Reflow for Wafer Bumping

Download (1.2 MB)

Expertise, technology, and gases: A total solution for the global electronics packaging, assembly and test industry

Download (931 KB)

Feasibility of Fluxless Reflow of Lead-free Solders in Hydrogen and Forming Gas

Download (209 KB)

Fluxless Soldering of Flip Chip Assemblies

Download (294 KB)

Fluxless soldering using electronic attachment (EA) technology

Download (710 KB)

Fluxless Soldering in Wave Soldering Equipment Using Forming Gas

Download (1.8 MB)

Inert Wave Soldering Advanced Nitrogen Inerting Technology Can Lower the Cost of Ownership in Wave Soldering

Download (235 KB)

Nitrogen Reflow: A solution for reducing head-in-pillow (HIP) defects and improving assembly reliability

Download (503 KB)

Optimizing the Inert Wave Soldering Process with Hot Nitrogen Knives

Download (591 KB)

Oxygen Concentration in the Soldering Atmosphere—How Low Must We Go?

Download (298 KB)

Retrofitting Infrared Reflow Furnaces

Download (548 KB)

Testing and Analysis of Surface Mounted Lead Free Soldering Materials and Processes

Download (200 KB)
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