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Videos/Narrated Presentations (19)

Fueling a Hydrogen Powered Car is Quick and Easy! (1:44)

HyTEC - London Hydrogen SmartFuel(R) Taxi Project (3:26)

Orange County Sanitation District Renewable Hydrogen Project (4:47)

Driving the Future: Taking the hydrogen powered Chevy Equinox to the Streets (03:26)

Fueling a Forklift with Hydrogen is Easy (1:41)

Fueling a Hydrogen Powered Car is Easy (06:34)

Hydrogen Fuel Bus Commissioning Program (2:38)

Hydrogen Fueling Station—Penn State University (3:13)

Hydrogen Fueling Station: UC Irvine—Station Benefits (2:08)

Hydrogen Fueling Station: UC Irvine—Technology (03:38)

Hydrogen Fueling Station: UC Irvine—The Fueling Experience (2:08 )

Hydrogen Fuel of the Future, TODAY! (2:50)

Hydrogen Road Tour 08 (1:38)

Air Products Hydrogen - SmartFuel™ for a Cleaner Future (3:38)

Innovative machining technology for hard-to-machine metals and composites. (North America only) (3:09)

Meet HydroJen (02:10)

SmartFuel® Hydrogen (0:54)

Thermal Spray Cooling Video (2:53)

What It's Like To Drive A Hydrogen-Powered Car (3:26)

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Articles & Publications (11)

Powerhouse Hydrogen

Download (6,450 KB)

Steam methane reformer

Download (867 KB)

SmartFuel® hydrogen supply options

Download (1,270 KB)

Transport for London: Hydrogen Bus Project

Download (1,028 KB)

Air Products’ Hydrogen Technology for the Material Handling Market

Download (136 KB)

Feature on hydrogen fuelling infrastructure

Download (1.4 MB)

Keep Your Fleet Up and Running with Our Easy-to-Use Mobile Hydrogen Fueler Services Data Sheet

Download (384K KB)

KnowH2ow® Hydrogen Safety Services Data Sheet

Download (474 KB)

KnowH2ow® Safety Training for Handling, Design and Operation Brochure

Download (131 KB)

KnowH2ow® Safety Training Programs Data Sheet

Download (55 KB)

SmartFuel® H70/H35 Retail Hydrogen Dispenser

Download (983 KB)
More Articles & Publications

Audio Podcasts (2)

HCNG Fuel, Supporting the Hydrogen Economy (5:24)


Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology (07:25)


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