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Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery
Air Products worked with major oil companies to pioneer the on-site supply of pure cryogenic nitrogen gas for enhanced oil and gas recovery in 1977 and is a leading supplier of nitrogen to the global oil and gas industries for such applications. Nitrogen gas is being used to significantly boost recoverable hydrocarbon reserves which results in increased revenues for oil and gas producers. High-pressure nitrogen gas has been selected for the following applications to increase oil production: miscible and immiscible oil displacement, gas cap displacement, pressure maintenance to maximize natural gas liquids and condensate recovery, and pushing carbon dioxide miscible fronts.

Nitrogen offers many advantages such as:

  • being economical
  • readily available
  • can be generated and injected wherever, whenever and in whatever quantities are needed
  • environmentally friendly and inert
  • easily removed from a sales gas stream if necessary to increase Btu content.

In enhanced recovery applications, the nitrogen content of the field gas can increase over the life of the project. Air Products has developed nitrogen rejection (NRU) process technology so the plants can handle wide ranges of nitrogen content in feed gas. As a matter of fact, Air Products is the world leader in volumes of feed gas processed through our NRUs. Our customers are consistently pleased with how efficient and reliable our nitrogen rejection units are year after year.

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Helium Recovery
Helium is a precious gas that occurs in natural gas streams in varying quantities. Air Products' technology has been used to treat helium containing natural gas streams since the early 1960s as part of the U.S. government's Helium Conservation program. We designed and built plants as large as 500 MMSCFD to recover helium and reject nitrogen from natural gas streams.


Natural Gas Upgrading/Wobbe Index Modification
Low BTU natural gas must be upgraded to reach pipeline quality and be saleable. Once nitrogen is removed from natural gas via a nitrogen rejection unit, it can be vented or re-injected for enhanced oil and/or gas recovery. Whether the nitrogen content in the feed gas is fixed or varies widely, Air Products has the NRU to help turn your natural gas into a profitable commodity. For example, our 1992 Morecambe Bay NRU was constructed for this purpose and has been running for over 15 years.

No company has more experience in the supply of natural gas liquefaction processes and equipment than Air Products. We helped pioneer the LNG industry and have been designing liquefaction systems and supplying main cryogenic heat exchangers for plants all over the world for the past 35 years. Air Products' liquefaction process technology and equipment is well proven and is used in the majority of the world's baseload LNG capacity. Nitrogen rejection units can be integrated with LNG plants to separate nitrogen from the tail gas that is produced when natural gas is liquefied. NRUs help customers eliminate the need to flare tail gas thereby making the LNG plant more environmentally friendly. The nitrogen depleted gas is often upgraded for use in the facility gas turbines for power production.

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