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Industry Leader in Hydrogen Supply for Clean Transportation Applications

As the world's largest supplier of merchant hydrogen and an industry leader in hydrogen fuel infrastructure, Air Products is in the forefront of the development of hydrgen energy technologies. We have been designing, building, and training operators for hydrogen and hydrogen blend fuel stations for fifteen years. We are working to bring safe, low-cost hydrogen to the marketplace through participation in a number of demonstration projects around the world. For most of these projects, Air Products' scope of supply has included overall system development, safety consultation, engineering, fabrication, installation, and hydrogen supply. Depending on the specific project, the hydrogen supply has been sourced from delivered compressed gas, liquid, as well as on-site generation.

Hydrogen Supply

Air Products offers complete flexibility in the supply of hydrogen. We can provide hydrogen sourced from natural gas, waste off-gas recovery or power, either delivered to the site or produced on-site. We work with our customers to determine the best source of supply to meet their needs, within the geographic supply networks that are available.

Delivered Hydrogen

Air Products supplies delivered hydrogen in the form of compressed gas and cryogenic liquid. We are the largest supplier of merchant hydrogen in the world. Hydrogen is delivered to our customers in pipelines, tube trailers, liquid hydrogen trailers and cylinders.

On-Site Hydrogen Generation

Air Products is a leader in developing on-site hydrogen generation by reforming natural gas. We have also owned and operated electrolysis generation for decades.

Fueling Options for Central Hydrogen Production

Fueling Options for Onsite Hydrogen Production

 Fueling Options for Oniste Hydrogen Production

PRISM® Hydrogen Generator—Our PRISM hydrogen generators provide economical on-site hydrogen generation in a compact packaged system. 
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  • Electrolysis—Air Products offers fully integrated fueling capability for a wide range of vehicle fleets. Our hydrogen system integration and operating experience in electrolysis units is ideally suited to demonstrate its capability in renewable power applications.
  • Purification—Air Products is a technology leader in pressure swing adsorption and membrane purification technology. Our designs are efficient, low cost and easy to operate.

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