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Our Resource Center is your resource to our latest Food and Beverage information. Be sure to come back frequently because we’re always adding additional content to this page! 

Videos/Narrated Presentations (21)

Freshline® LIN-IS Dalco case study - Temperature Control Technology (3:09)

Freshline® LIN-IS - Temperature Control Technology (3:36)

Air Products Freshline® Overview (4:49)

Fresh Clips - Belt Loading (2:15)

Freshline IQF+ Tunnel Freezer (3:16)

Fresh Clips - Crust Freezing (1:38)

Fresh Clips - Equilibration (1:16)

Fresh Clips: Increased Throughput (01:30)

Fresh Clips - IQF (1:32)

Fresh Clips: Liquid Nitrogen vs. CO2 (01:15)

Fresh Clips: Continuous/Process Freezing (01:08)

Fresh Clips: Texture Retention (01:20)

Freshline DM tunnel freezer (1:39)

Freshline DM tunnel freezer (1:39)

Freshline QS Freezer Benefits (1:15)

Freshline QS freezer J and G foods (3:18)

Freshline QS freezer overview (2:14)

Why Use Liquid Nitrogen: Time and Temperature (02:26)

Why Use Liquid Nitrogen: Quality Benefits (04:51)

Why Use Liquid Nitrogen: Operations Benefits (05:27)

Why use nitrogen in food? (7:53)

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Articles & Publications (1)

Freshline® IQF+ Tunnel Freezer Data Sheet

Download (416 KB)

Articles & Publications (8)

Thinking Outside the Liquid Nitrogen Freezing Box

Download (1977 KB)

A Quick Start to Cryogenic Freezing for J&G Foods

Download (420 KB)

Industrial Gases for the Food and Beverage Market

Download (80 KB)

The Benefits of Nitrogen for Food Processing

Download (3.2 MB)

New Trends in Frozen Prepared Foods

Download (908 KB)

Custom Pack and Air Products—Our work together

Download (2,421 KB)

Holten Meat Incorporated and Air Products—Our work together

Download (681 KB)

Innovation Meets Experience—How Air Products Helped Excellent Foods Turn an Inspiration into a Tasty Reality

Download (1.066 KB)
More Articles & Publications

Articles & Publications (1)

PolarFit® cryogenic cooling conveyor

Download (273 KB)

Audio Podcasts (1)

Hear the benefits of liquid nitrogen in food processing (3:10)


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