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Videos/Narrated Presentations (3)

Transient Heating Oxy-fuel Burner, featuring Process Intelligence (4:10)

Ask the Expert: How can I improve the cleanliness of my coreless furnace melt? (2:24)

Air Products’ Technologies for the Non-Ferrous Industry (3:00)

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Articles & Publications (12)

Transient Heating oxy-fuel burner, featuring Process Intelligence

Download (953 KB)

Effective Use of Oxy-fuel Combustion in Aluminum Reverberatory Furnaces, Light Metal Age

Download (879 KB)

Combustion Technologies Improve Melting-Furnace Productivity, from Industrial Heating magazine

Download (1,932 KB)

Customized Combustion Solution Yields Productivity Improvement for Aluminum Extruder, from Light Metal Age magazine

Download (522 KB)

Oxy-fuel Technologies and Strategies for Secondary Aluminum Melting Operations, from Light Metal Age magazine

Download (192 KB)

Factors affecting nitrogen efficiency in aluminum extrusion processes

Download (104 KB)

When Does Oxy-fuel Make Sense? Oxy-fuel can Increase Production and Reduce Costs

Download (146 KB)

Air Products Advanced Low Emission Melting System

Download (295 KB)

Choosing the Right Technolgies for Reverb Furnaces

Download (76 KB)

Melting and Refining Technology for Copper Produced from Scrap Charge

Download (37 KB)

New burner technology: Turning low-grade scrap metal into high-efficiency savings

Download (97 KB)

A working day in the life of Petr Tlamicha, Industry Manager

Download (964 KB)
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Literature (3)

Tunable Enrichment Air-oxy-fuel Burner

Download (369 KB)

High-Yield Oxy-fuel Burner for Secondary Aluminum Melting

Download (253 KB)

Gas-Metal Interactions Newsletter Archive

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