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  • Can gas atmospheres improve the performance and reduce the cost of my lithium-ion battery?
    Zbigniew Zurecki
    Zbigniew Zurecki
    Sr. Research Associate

    Yes! Industrial-scale production of lithium-ion batteries typically involves high-temperature furnace treatment of precursors mixed with carbonaceous material for synthesizing conductive cathode material, e.g. LiFePO4. Process safety and the yield of desired lithium-ion compound are markedly improved if a nitrogen or argon atmosphere is used in the furnace during treatment instead of the conventional air atmosphere. In addition, when a reducing atmosphere such as argon-hydrogen or nitrogen hydrogen is used in the furnace, the product yield and electrolyte conductivity can increase. When using gas atmospheres, it is important to use the proper instrumentation in order to control the atmosphere and ensure process consistency. Whether you are manufacturing lithium precursors and batteries for consumer electronics, electric vehicles, or energy storage systems, Air Products has the processing know-how and world class service to help you improve your products while reducing costs.

    If you are interested in improving the performance of your lithium-ion batteries or want to learn more about our low-cost, atmospheric pressure atmosphere solutions, please call Air Products at 800-654-4567 and mention code 6807.

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