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Videos/Narrated Presentations (15)

Orange County Sanitation District Renewable Hydrogen Project (4:47)

Driving the Future: Taking the hydrogen powered Chevy Equinox to the Streets (03:26)

Fueling a Forklift with Hydrogen is Easy (1:41)

Fueling a Hydrogen Powered Car is Easy (06:34)

Hydrogen Fuel Bus Commissioning Program (2:38)

Hydrogen Fueling Station—Penn State University (3:13)

Hydrogen Fueling Station: UC Irvine—Station Benefits (2:08)

Hydrogen Fueling Station: UC Irvine—Technology (03:38)

Hydrogen Fueling Station: UC Irvine—The Fueling Experience (2:08 )

Hydrogen Fuel of the Future, TODAY! (2:50)

Hydrogen Road Tour 08 (1:38)

Innovative machining technology for hard-to-machine metals and composites. (North America only) (3:09)

Meet HydroJen (02:10)

Thermal Spray Cooling Video (2:53)

What It's Like To Drive A Hydrogen-Powered Car (3:26)

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Articles Whitepapers (13)

Advanced Atmosphere Control System for Improving Annealing of Steel Components

Download (50 KB)

Atmosphere Carburizing Using Electric Discharge-Activated Nitrogen-Natural Gas Mixtures

Download (1,653 KB)

Automated Substrate Cooling System for HVOF Coating Operations

Download (1812 KB)

Cold Rolling of Metal Strip Using Technical Gases

Cryogenic Machining with Brittle Tools and Effects on Tool Life

Download (538 KB)

Cryogenic Machining of Polymeric Biomaterials: An Intraocular Lens Case Study

Download (573 KB)

Cryogenic Quenching of Steel Revisited

Download (2608 KB)

Finish-turning of Hardened Powder Metallurgy Steel Using Cryogenic Cooling

Download (850 KB)

Introduction to Furnace Brazing

Download (673 KB)

Investigation of White Layers Formed in Conventional and Cryogenic Hard Turning of Steels

Download (1154 KB)

Liquid Nitrogen Improves Cold Rolling of Strip Stock

Service Life Extension of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Belts for Sintering Furnaces

Download (978 KB)

Techniques and Tips to Optimize, Control and Stabalize the Atmosphere Inside a Continuous Sintering Furnace

Download (487 KB)
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Audio Podcasts (2)

HCNG Fuel, Supporting the Hydrogen Economy (5:24)


Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology (07:25)


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