Additive manufacturing/3D metal printing

Additive Manufacturing/3D Metal Printing
A 3D Printing Masterpiece made
better with the proper gas atmosphere.

In the world of rapid prototyping and production of metal components, it is imperative to have the proper gas atmosphere to produce quality parts. To meet the high-tolerance standards required in 3D printing, Argon and Nitrogen are commonly used to provide inert atmospheres.

At Air Products, we have extensive applications knowledge in surface/bulk treatment of metals to help additive manufacturers optimize the gas selection, supply mode, and purity for improved part processing.

TurboCam uses our argon to optimize the 3D printing processTo better understand how we’ve helped customers and how we can help you, check out how TurboCam is using our Argon to optimize their 3D printing process. You may also find our online tools and “Ask the Expert” material helpful.

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Additive Manufacturing/3D Metal Printing
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Atmosphere Solutions for Metals Processing
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Gases, Technologies, and Services that Meet Your Needs
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Gas optimization analysis - contact us


Optimizing industrial gases in 3D Metal PrintingOptimizing industrial gases in 3D Metal Printing

Optimizing industrial gases in 3D Metal Printing (2:02)

Don Bowe, Applications Engineer, highlights key criteria for gas usage in 3D metal printing

TurboCam additive manufacturing: how argon optimized their 3D printing processBiggest Challenge Facing 3-D Printers Video

Biggest Challenge Facing 3-D Printers Video (03:45)

Controlling the gas atmosphere optimizes quality and safety.

Ask the experts

Ask the Expert

How does gas affect the quality of my additive manufacturing process?

Gas converter

Introducing Gas Converter Mobile App

Converts weight/volume measures for gases and LNG


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