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Ann Maria Montalto

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Anna Maria Montalto
3 years
NA Process controls engineer




As most employees already know, our fellow co-workers are always ready to help one another. The open door policy that the majority of Air Products employees hold is something that is truly special to Air Products, which really makes the difference. As an intern always showing up in my manager's office asking questions, I didn't realize that it was not something that every company did. It wasn't until talking to other students who worked for different companies did I realize that my internship was filled with learning and real work, compared to some of my fellow students whose was filled with paperwork and sometimes grumpy employees who didn't want to give them the time to develop their skills.

That message continued into my full-time employment here at Air Products where the more responsibility that came with each succeeding CDP assignment so did the number of doors open available for me to come to for help. In the five years I have interned and worked for Air Products, I have never been turned away when I asked for help, nor have I ever heard of anyone being turned away when they asked for help from one another. The absolute worst thing I have heard is "I have a meeting in five minutes can we talk about this after," which is still great!

One of the main things about having people go out of their way to help you develop and grow as an engineer is that it makes you want to go out of your way to help and grow other engineers, both younger and older than yourself. The culture here at Air Products is one that is phenomenal and it builds on itself having the older generations of employees teach the younger employees and their peers about giving and that is something that grows the company as a whole. This is something that makes me very proud to be an Air Products employee.


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