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Lynn Tang

75: Is Related Experience an Issue? No!

Lynn Tang
1 year
China IG BDS analyst




{Excerpt} As an MBA graduate, I joined Air Products' Career Development Program one year ago. People kept asking me why I would choose to work for a chemical company when I didn't have any related experience. Let me share two impressions, which hopefully depict my feelings about working in this great company...

...First, I was so impressed by the company's safety culture. It's not a slogan anymore; it's actually in every employees' blood and guides every employee's daily actions. 

The other great impression is how my colleagues devoted their valuable time to help me. As I said, I had no chemical background, yet my job scope requires I understand the processes and products. When I've struggled, my colleagues have been super professional and generous. They offered me training about the industry, our products, our customers, etc. Thanks to all this warm help, I was able to quickly pick up the industry knowledge and feel comfortable.

This is my story within one year's working at Air Products. I believe I will experience more and more exciting stories at this great company in the future. 


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