Adam Garcia
Engineering and Design Manager

Why did you join Air Products?
I joined Air Products because during my three internships, I got to know what Air Products did and how I could establish a career here. After my first internship, I realized I wanted to make Air Products a long-term investment, as the people and opportunities here were extremely attractive. Before I joined, I was in a high-school partnership program called Inroads. Inroads helped me get my foot in the door with Air Products and, from there, I was able to connect and feel like a part of the company, even as an intern.

Why do you love working at Air Products? What is it that keeps you working at Air Products?
One of the reasons why I love working here has been because of the company’s focus on talent and performance development. I’ve been encouraged and supported by some excellent managers. In this process, I’ve been able to discuss strengths and areas for improvement. I’ve been encouraged to do my best and asked to develop into roles that, 10 years ago, I never saw myself in. Today, I am managing a global engineering and design team, and it’s become a passion of mine to help others in much the same way.

Please describe your career at Air Products to date. 
I started with three internships in Materials and Corrosion, Hometown; Mechanical Engineer, LNG; Mechanical Equipment Engineer. Once hired, I rotated through three CDP positions: LNG Process Engineering, CryoMachinery Manufacturing Engineering, and Warm Equipment Vessel Engineering.

After a couple years of being rolled off the CDP program, I was encouraged to help in the Cold Box Engineering and Design team, supporting the Plant Design Manager. I begin supporting projects and planning efforts by the cold box team, which comprised of piping design, stress engineering, structural engineering, and structural design functional groups. Soon after, I was asked to be the Piping Design Supervisor for the cold box team in Allentown.

Things changed not much soon after, and I was asked to lead the full Allentown Cold Box Engineering and Design team. Throughout this period, we have worked to develop and train
our Shanghai cold box engineering and design team to support the Asia region and global workload.

Today, I have the privilege of managing all three regions supporting Cold Box Engineering and Design in Allentown, Shanghai, and Hersham. Finding ways to align our efforts and become flexible as a global team has been an exciting opportunity.

Tell me about the most intriguing/satisfying thing(s) you’ve been involved in since you’ve been at Air Products.
Working and supporting the Jazan 6xA3240 IGCC project has been one of the most intriguing opportunities in my career. In one project alone, we are handling some of the most challenging engineering aspects for an air separation unit plant. This project has the largest shop fabricated cold boxes we have ever designed. In addition, our engineers have looked at how to split a cold box in half and then put it back together while standing up in the vertical position. (A cold box is essentially large building size structure.)

Jazan in Saudi Arabia is an extremely remote location. We are challenged by extremely hot temperatures and designing sunshades for many equipment items. Sandstorms are very
frequent and so protection from sand is essential. As many of these aspects affect construction productivity, the team also was requested to find ways to modularize and shop fabricate all areas of the cold boxes. When you put all of these elements together, you get a very unique opportunity and one in which the lessons learned are captured to later benefit future projects.

What career advice would you give to those just starting out in their engineering careers?
Find a mentor and learn from this person what career opportunities there are that could potentially be paths for your development. Stay positive, and look to take on more than you
think you can. Others will see this, and it will reflect your potential to be a leader in the company.

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