Carbowet GA-100/GA-210 Surfactant

  • Milling efficiency improvement for faster and greater color and hiding development
  • Low foam with dynamic wetting
  • Little to no impact on system rheology, water resistance, dry time, block resistance, gloss, or opacity
  • Improved color rub-up and color acceptance for enhanced touch-up
  • Contains no added APEs or solvents


Carbowet LSF Surfactant

  • Easy to dissolve
  • High cloud point
  • Multifunctional – good wetting and foam control
  • Contains no added APEs
  • Improves color development and acceptance
  • No impact on drying time and block resistance, gloss and opacity
  • Easy operation, no need for pre- dilution
  • Reduces surface defects caused by foam and wetting


ZetaSperse 179/182 Dispersant

  • Increased color development
  • Increased pigment loading
  • Lower viscosity grinds
  • Increased dispersant efficiency - lower cost-in-use
  • Enhanced pigment wetting
  • Contains no added APEs or solvents


Dynol 360 Surfactant

  • Low-viscosity, easy-to-handle liquid
  • Adds no VOCs per European1 and US2 regulations
  • Contains no added alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs) or harzardous air pollutants (HAPs)
  • Provides extremely low equilibrium and dynamic surface tension with no added foam
  • Provides fast wetting and low contact angles on low-energy substrates, such as plastics
  • Lowers typical minimum film forming temperature and improves film coalescence
  • Improves wetting, flow and leveling and aesthetic properties of most waterborne coatings

1  European Decorative Paint Directive 2004/42/CE
2  Volatile organic compounds, VOCs, as defined by the EPA in 40 CFR 51.100(s). These products were found to contribute no VOC under EPA Method 24 testing conditions when evaluated at a typical use level (1wt%) in a zero-VOC coating formulation.



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