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Supply Options

CryoEase® Microbulk Supply
CryoEase® Microbulk gas supply is a relatively new alternative to traditional cylinder supply for smaller volume users. Gas is supplied by filling on-site storage tanks vs. the traditional method for smaller volume usage where gas is supplied in cylinders or dewars that are then swapped out when empty. Microbulk supply features specially designed tank trucks with integrated controls and flexible storage tank options built with automatic shutoff devices. Even if you use as few as ten cylinders a month of argon, CryoEase® Microbulk tanks could offer an efficient solution for your supply needs.

Liquid Bulk Supply
With this supply mode, liquid tanker trucks deliver liquefied argon to your site and store it at very low temperature in a specially insulated cryogenic tank. When gas is required, the liquid argon is vaporized for supply to customer processes. For cryogenic applications that require a low-temperature liquid supply, the liquid argon is delivered from the storage tank to the process by an insulated line.

On-Site Gas Generation
For applications with medium to high volume requirements, on-site gas generation is often preferred because of its cost-effectiveness and reliability. Air Products’ Cryogenic Generators can produce high purity argon at the flow rate you need. Our generators can supply up to 26 MTD of liquid argon at 1.5 ppm oxygen in argon.

MAXX Shielding GasesSymphony of Welding

Symphony of Welding (5:13)

Air Products' Maxx™ gases deliver a quality weld that both looks and sounds good. We call it the Symphony of Welding.

TurboCam additive manufacturing: how argon optimized their 3D printing processBiggest Challenge Facing 3-D Printers Video

Biggest Challenge Facing 3-D Printers Video (03:45)

Controlling the gas atmosphere optimizes quality and safety.

Thermal Spray CoolingThermal Spray Cooling Technology Video

Thermal Spray Cooling Technology Video (2:53)

Optimize your process gas and cooling


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