Heat Treat Sweet Spot

Keep your furnace in its sweet spot.
Create the ideal condition in your furnace to improve product quality, reduce operating costs, and increase yield.

Run your furnace more consistently with Air Products' Intelligent Atmosphere Analyzers!

Intelligent Atmosphere Analyzers
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Enabled by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Air Products' Intelligent Atmosphere Analyzers monitor composition parameters to ensure furnaces are running with the desired gas atmospheres, as well as provide alerts for any needed maintenance or adjustments. 

With Air Products' atmosphere supply and process management system, featuring Air Products' Process Intelligence, metals processors can improve product reliability, capture relevant atmosphere and process data, analyze potential savings and process optimizations, and perform preventive maintenance. Capabilities include:

Air Products' Atmosphere Analyzers

Atmosphere Supply Panel

  • Accurately control gas flowrate, pressure and composition
  • Upload and save data in the Cloud
  • Automatically adjust flowrate based on composition readout 
  • Customize controls for gas flowrate and composition to range from fully manual to fully automated

Furnace Atmosphere Measurement System

  • Monitor gas density, temperature, pressure and purity in real time
  • Manage dew point, oxygen level, hydrogen and/or carbon monoxide percentage and carbon potential
  • Track and report data (compatible with other smart connected equipment)

Smart Nitrogen-Methanlol Lance

  • Monitor pressure and temperature in real time
  • Schedule preventive maintenance to reduce downtime and optimize uptime

Process Data Acquisition System

  • Collect all instrument and equipment parameters in your facility
  • Share data among systems using smart technology and adjust the process accordingly
  • Store data in one location for reference

Tank Monitoring System

  • Remotely monitor gas supply pressure, liquid level and flow rate

Tank Monitoring System
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For decades, metals processors around the world have come to rely on Air Products' experience in gas supply, applications knowledge and safety to help them improve product quality, reduce operating costs, increase production and optimize gas usage. Learn more at www.airproducts.com/mp

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