biogas upgrading

Biogas Upgrading
Using PRISM® Membrane Separators

Biogas is a green energy source that is produced by anaerobic digestion of organic wastes. This breakdown of organic material produces biogas, which is composed of methane, carbon dioxide, and a few other elements.

Prism PB Membrane separators upgrade biogas by separating the methane from the carbon dioxide into two purified streams.  Air Products manufactures six different PB Membrane separators, which are the key components in biogas upgrading systems. 

Air Products Prism Membranes markets PB separators through a global network of experienced system builders that we call our Preferred Partners. If you have an interest incorporating our membrane separators into your engineered systems, please contact us here

Prism PB Membrane separators are PED certified Category III Pressure Equipment which provide a compact and efficient solution to bio-methane production. The pressure-rated design means that PB separators are easily integrated into upgrading systems without requiring expensive pressure vessel containment. In facilities with varying production loads, the PB separators offer scalability with the benefit of production turn up or turn down. Other biogas upgrading technologies lack this flexibility. Compared to membrane upgrading, wash water scrubbing, PSAs, and other biogas purification solutions require excessive amounts of power, space, and water to upgrade bio-methane.

Common bio-methane applications include CNG vehicle refueling, natural gas grid injection, or power generation.


PRISM® Membrane Separators for biogas upgrading
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PB6050 Biogas membrane separator
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PRISM® PB4030 Membrane Separator for biogas upgrading
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PRISM® PB4050 Membrane Separator for biogas upgrading
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