Is Your Pigment Dispersion Process Efficient?

Try our Grind Aids- Carbowet® GA Surfactant Series

Pigment milling in many industrial applications such as inks and coatings can be a time-consuming and energy-consuming process, but the addition of an Air Products Carbowet GA grind aid series can quickly improve your pigment milling efficiency.


The Carbowet GA surfactant series are grind aids designed to enhance dispersion milling efficiencies for improved gloss, hiding, color, as well as to offer benefits in color acceptance, letdown compatibility and wetting. These products function through a combination of dynamic wetting and steric stabilization that helps overcome deficiencies of the polymeric dispersant. Our grind aids include Carbowet GA-100, GA-210, GA- 211, and GA-221 surfactants. They are typically effective at concentrations of 0.1 to 3.0 wt. %, with higher solid surface area pigments requiring higher additive levels.


Surfactants can improve the efficiency through dynamic stabilization




Grind aids enhance the milling process



Carbowet  GA-100 Surfactant
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Carbowet GA-210 Surfactant
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Carbowet GA-211 Surfactant
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Carbowet GA-221 Surfactant
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ZetaSperse® dispersants and other additives for aqueous dispersions
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