Luis Vazquez
Total Rewards Analyst – CDP

Why did you join Air Products?
I was very interested in the HR career development rotational program. I wanted to gain exposure in different areas of HR and help grow my career.

Why do you love working at Air Products? What is it that keeps you working at Air Products?
I really like the level of professionalism and the culture at AP. The opportunity to help sustain the culture and to help attract, retain, and motivate others within the organization. Helping to make a better work experience for my fellow employees is very rewarding to me.

Please describe your career at Air Products to date. 
I have been with AP for 20 months. I spent my first 10 months working as a member of the North America Talent Acquisition team. I recruited/hired for various roles across the country at different sites. For the past 10 months I have been a member of the Compensation & Benefits team (Total Rewards) working on various projects that impact our internal customers.   

Tell me about the most intriguing/satisfying thing(s) you’ve been involved in since you’ve been at Air Products.
Being a member of the established career development program community has been very satisfying and has helped my transition to the area/make connections with colleagues.

What career advice would you give to those just starting out in their engineering careers?
Make strong connections with individuals within the organization that you can learn from. Ask questions and get involved in different ways to help your overall growth.   

Please explain what you do (in your current and/or previous job) contributes to sustainability?
In my current role we ensure that all employees are being compensated fairly, equitably, and competitively.    

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