Kate Brown-Hammond
Process Controls Engineer

Why did you join Air Products?
I had heard a lot of positive things about Air Products from employees and saw the impact the company strove to make in the area so when a job opportunity came up in my line of work, I jumped at the chance to join.

Why do you love working at Air Products? What is it that keeps you working at Air Products?
I love the work environment at Air Products. My managers and team members are always there to support me and help my career grow. The flexibility I have to balance my work and home life makes me feel trusted and valued as an employee.

Please describe your career at Air Products to date. 
I have spent 5 years as a Process Controls Engineer in our Cryogenic Plant Support group. We are responsible for maintaining and upgrading the controls systems and instrumentation for our Cryo fleet.  

Tell me about the most intriguing/satisfying thing(s) you’ve been involved in since you’ve been at Air Products.
The relocation and upgrade of a CO2 plant was my most exciting and challenging project. A plant with mostly manual controls was moved across several states and was fully automated with several large process changes being made as well. It was very rewarding to see the plant up and running after all the hard work.

What career advice would you give to those just starting out in their engineering careers?
Find both a career you enjoy and an environment in which you will thrive. Having supportive managers and co-workers along with good mentors will make a big difference in shaping your career early on.   

Please explain what you do (in your current and/or previous job) contributes to sustainability?
GROW: Through my plant support role, I help keep our plants running safely and smoothly so that our customers can count on us to deliver our products reliably. Delivering on time is extremely important to our customers as many of them can not manufacture their products without ours. 

CONSERVE: I work with process engineers to tune to plants in order to maximize performance and decrease waste. This includes decreasing the energy consumption along with other raw materials used in our manufacturing processes.   

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