Rachel Glenn
Site Supervisor

Why did you join Air Products?
I joined Air Products because of the Career Development Program that it offers. As a new engineer, it was important for me to be able to learn about the different facets of the company quickly, as well as understand what my skills were and how they could best be integrated with Air Products.

Why do you love working at Air Products? What is it that keeps you working at Air Products?
I love working at Air Products because I legitimately love the work I do. Operations requires a dynamic pace, but provides great opportunity for teamwork and innovation with the troubleshooting that goes on. The people at Air Products are what keeps me here. This company is loaded with people who actively foster a culture of safety, respect the ideas of others, and genuinely care about those they work with.

Please describe your career at Air Products to date. 
I started in the CDP program after graduating from Texas A&M with a degree in Chemical Engineering in 2012. My first rotation was in Pasadena, TX at the Operations Service Center where we remotely operate HyCO satellite plants and SMRs for the gulf coast region. My second rotation was in the Operational Excellence group for HyCO to provide operations input for new projects being engineered. My third rotation was in ASU engineering as a systems engineering working on P&IDs and OPHRs for SOE and tonnage ASUs.

I rolled off into the Customer Service Center as a HyCO Production Coordinator for the H2 and CO pipelines in the Gulf Coast region. I was the main customer, operations, and management interface to coordinate supply and demand to ensure reliable supply to our customer base.

Currently I’m the Site Supervisor at the La Porte HyCO3 site. I’m responsible for the safe and reliable operation of our 2 gasification units and cold box to produce H2 and CO for the AP pipeline network or tube trailers.    

Tell me about the most intriguing/satisfying thing(s) you’ve been involved in since you’ve been at Air Products.
Because the CDP program was so important to me early in my career, one of the most satisfying things for me is to interact with and mentor CDPs and interns.

What career advice would you give to those just starting out in their engineering careers?
Always be open to opportunity. Some of my biggest growth experiences have come from saying yes to an opportunity that was out of my comfort zone. In these moments I can challenge myself to develop my weaknesses, gain another perspective, identify work that energizes me, and, just as importantly, identify work that de-energizes me.    

Please explain what you do (in your current and/or previous job) contributes to sustainability?
La Porte HyCO3, commissioned in 1996, is the only gasification facility that Air Products owns and operates in North America. The operating knowledge, technology, and data plays a contributing role to further deployment and growth for Air Products in the gasification business.   

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