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Greg Buragino
  Greg Buragino
Senior Principal
Applications Engineer – Steel

How can I lower the carbon monoxide levels in my steelmaking furnace off-gas?

It’s a great idea to measure carbon monoxide (CO) and other combustion products such as carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2) and hydrogen (H2) in your off-gas system. High CO levels in your ductwork indicate incomplete combustion in your furnace, which means you’re losing usable energy!

Usually, introducing dilution air to the ductwork will complete combustion when the CO combines with the oxygen in the air to form CO2. However, this exothermic reaction (post-combustion) may raise temperatures in the ductwork and off-gas handling system, which can lead to shorter life or higher maintenance costs.

Improperly calibrated flow controls, poorly mixed fuel and oxygen/air in the furnace, or other factors may cause incomplete combustion. Thankfully, by better utilizing oxygen in your furnace, you can use that lost energy to improve efficiencies and production rates and reduce emissions.

Air Products can help identify the problem and determine the most cost-effective solution for you! Contact us.


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