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Supply options to cost-effectively meet your needs

Our engineers can recommend the most efficient and cost-effective supply mode based on your volume, pressure, purity level, flow rate and operating pattern.

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Don't make your supply mode decision without talking to Air Products first. As the world's leading hydrogen supplier and operator of the world's largest hydrogen distribution network, we can recommend the best solution to meet your needs.

CryoEase® Microbulk Supply
CryoEase® microbulk gas supply is a relatively new alternative to traditional cylinder supply for smaller volume users. Gas is supplied by filling on-site storage tanks vs. the traditional method for smaller volume usage where gas is supplied in cylinders or dewars that are then swapped out when empty. Microbulk supply features specially designed tank trucks with integrated controls and flexible storage tank options built with automatic shutoff devices. Even if you use as few as ten cylinders a month of hydrogen, CryoEase microbulk tanks could offer an efficient solution for your supply needs.

CryoEase® Microbulk Solutions for Hydrogen and Helium

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Gaseous Bulk Supply
Larger bulk quantities of high-pressure hydrogen gas are shipped in tube trailers and stored on-site at your location. These systems are modular in design and are sized for the customer's usage rate. Air Products engineers can help you determine the right size and type of storage system based on your volume, desired pressure, purity level, flow rate, and operating pattern.

Liquid Bulk Supply
With this supply mode, liquid tanker trucks deliver liquefied hydrogen to your site and store it at very low temperature in a specially insulated tank. When gas is required, the liquid hydrogen is vaporized for supply to customer processes. For cryogenic applications that require a low-temperature liquid supply, the liquid hydrogen is delivered from the storage tank to the process by an insulated line.

PRISM® On-site Hydrogen Generation
Our PRISM® hydrogen generation systems feature a compact modular design that facilitates easy installation and maintenance and delivers high reliability. Fully integrated backup systems can also be added to help maintain uninterrupted supply. Our engineers can advise on the appropriate supply method depending on your flow, usage pattern, and purity requirements.
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Temporary/Emergency Hydrogen Services
Air Products' Express Hydrogen Supply Service (APEX) provides fast, flexible supply of high-quality backup hydrogen during the planned or unplanned shutdown of your primary hydrogen source. We can also provide hydrogen for production trials and plant start-up procedures and to supplement your own hydrogen supply to satisfy high production requirements during periods of peak demand. When a need arises for temporary hydrogen, call us at 800-APEX-GAS (24/7).
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Onsite Hydrogen Plants
Dedicated plants located near a customer's facility provide tonnage supply of hydrogen to the oil and gas, refining and petrochemical industries. Hydrogen lowers sulfur in fuels as well as the corresponding sulfur dioxide, enables catalytic converters to remove other pollutants from transportation fuels, helps conserve precious natural resources by enabling refiners to increase the amount of fuel that can be produced from every barrel of crude oil, and enables refiners to use all qualities of crude, regardless of how heavy or sour. The plants are owned, operated and managed by Air Products and can be custom designed for customers' requirements, which can include steam, cogenerated power, feedstock flexibility, utility synergies, and additional hydrogen needs.
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Pipeline Systems
Pipeline systems located in major industrial locations around the world offer customers with large product demands a range of benefits, including reliable, safe and flexible supply, together with the ability to manage peak volume demands in a prompt and cost-effective way. Our pipeline knowledge and operational expertise are evidenced by over 40 years of safe operation of our extensive network of pipelines around the globe.
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