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Ancamine 2800 curing agent
Cost effective and environmentally friendly for MVB Applications

Ancamine 2800 curing agentMoisture transmittance through concrete slab is a common problem that can cause severe issues for subsequent flooring systems, including concrete flooring and resilient flooring (tile, carpet, vinyl). Moisture in concrete can occur from a variety of sources: ground moisture that contacts the slab through either capillary action or as water vapor, high air humidity or drastic changes in relative humidity in its environment, and more.

Ancamine 2800 is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly, a CTL certified curing agent for moisture vapor barrier (MVB) flooring applications. It has a good combination of a long pot-life that offers an easy handling and a fast cure speed that provides a fast return to service.

Performance Advantages:

  • Lower cost-in-use/requires less material  
  • Long Pot Life with fast cure    
  • Outstanding adhesion to concrete  
  • Excellent Mechanical properties  
  • Emission-Free Technology
Ancamine 2800
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Ancamine 2803 curing agent
A Unique Combination of Flexibility and Strength

Ancamine 2803Ancamine 2803 is a unique epoxy curing agent that can be formulated as a 1:1 mix ratio with a standard liquid epoxy resin without the need of a urethane modifier. It provides the hardness, adhesion, and durability of epoxies with a degree of flexibility common to polyurethane and cure speed common to polyrueas.

Ancamine 2803 is recommended for use as a flexible membrane in various applications where it is important to protect a structure from damages due to repeated shift and movement, including parking and bridge deck, joint sealant, and crack repair. It also provides cured coatings with the flexibility and strength needed for heavy stress concrete flooring.

Performance Advantages:

  • Productivity/fast return to service
  • High elongation and hardness
  • Low temperature cure
  • Low mix viscosity/ease of application
  • Broad applicability to demanding environments
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Solvent free/Low VOC

Ancamine 2803
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New epoxy curing agent with excellent atlas cell results from Air Products

Ancamine 2791Today’s petrochemical market provides new challenges to coatings manufacturers. Changes in the location, type, methods of drilling are resulting in higher temperatures and pressures that new coatings must withstand. Additionally, as the composition of the crude changes, chemical resistance becomes ever more important.

Ancamine® 2791 curing agent from Air Products provide a solution to today’s challenges. This new low viscosity epoxy curing agent is designed to be used with standard liquid epoxy resin (LER) for normal conditions and with Novolac/Bis-F resins for harsher conditions and perform equally well.

Performance Advantages:

  • High temperature service
  • High chemical resistance
  • Crystallization-resistant at lower temperatures
  • Excellent Atlas cell test performance
Ancamine 2791
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High Temperature, High Chemical Resistance Curing Agent
Presented by Sudhir Achar
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Anquamine® 725 curing agent
The Single Products Alternative: Short Recoat Primer and Topcoat

Flooring systemsAs the flooring industry continues to look for ways to reduce time on the job and to improve safety, Air Products continues to innovate and bring new alternatives to the industry.

Anquamine 725 is a waterborne curing agent optimized for use in concrete flooring systems. This curing agent offers everything formulators need to create successful and long-lasting flooring systems. Developed primarily for use with liquid epoxy resins, Anquamine 725 is a short recoat time primer and can be used as a topcoat – enabling one curing agent for both coats.

Performance Advantages:

  • Fast return to service
  • Outstanding blush resistance
  • Can be used as a promer or topcoat
  • Ultra low emission technology
  • Waterborne technology easy to apply and clean up

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Ancamine® 2903 and 2904 curing agents:  Advancing Composites

wind turbinesThe world of composites tends to be constrained by existing process technology and well-established product performance. Now, Ancamine 2903 and 2904 curing agents are enabling composite technology to move forward by providing improved performance properties as well as improved processing costs.

Ancamine 2903 provides longer potlife than conventional cycloaliphatic curing agents, excellent mechanical strength and high ILSS (interlaminar shear strength) for moisture or water exposed applications.

Ancamine 2903 Curing Agent
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Ancamine 2904 has high thermal properties, low temperature property development and excellent mechanical strength.

Ancamine 2904 Curing Agent
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Look to Ancamine 2903 and 2904 to help you:

  • Improve processing with low viscosity and low exotherm during cure
  • Improve chemical resistance vs standard cycloaliphatic amine curing agents
  • Decrease complexity and cost with these single, low loading level curatives

Ancamine 2903/2904 Curing Agents
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Encouraging Innovation

We are pleased to share the article, “Encouraging Innovation: Environmental Regulations Drive Epoxy Formulation”, that appeared in the April 2015 Journal of Protective Coatings and Linings by Air Products’ own, Marcelo Rufo.    

In this article, Marcelo explains the different definitions of VOC’s and presents novel epoxy curing agents to address the challenge of today’s VOC regulations without sacrificing performance.   

In addition to the conventional approach to reducing VOC’s through the use of waterborne technologies, Air Products offers the following game-changing solutions that eliminate fugitive plasticizers to the market, as referenced in the article.

Encouraging Innovation: Environmental Regulations Drive Epoxy Formulation
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HPFA/Ancamine 2739   

  • Enables zero VOC formulations   
  • High Solids   
  • Low Viscosity      

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Ancamine 2739
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Encouraging Innovation

HPPA/A NEW Product   

  • Excellent corrosion protection   
  • No induction time   
  • Low Viscosity 

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