Think About It

What are your tricky food
processing problems?
Think about it.

We can surmise some of what you might be working on in R&D, but we know you are working on many novel ideas. Liquid nitrogen may be able to help solve some of your trickier food processing problems. Watch these videos to get the juices flowing and contact us to help you brainstorm solutions.

Think About It Videos

See how the unique powers of liquid nitrogen may be able to help solve some of your tricky food process problems.

Improve Grinding and Cutting
Better understand how liquid nitrogen improves grinding and chopping foods.
Watch Video (1:03)

Increase Yield
See how liquid nitrogen can ease your sticky food situations.
Watch Video (1:03)

Ease Slicing and Cutting
Learn how crust freezing can improve your slicing and cutting.
Watch Video (0:59)

Increase Throughput
See how liquid nitrogen enables higher throughput for your cooling and freezing process.
Watch Video (1:07)

Improve Food Processing
See how liquid nitrogen can improve food particulate processing.
Watch Video (1:10)



Contact Information

Why freeze with nitrogen?Why Freeze with Nitrogen?

Why Freeze with Nitrogen? (3:25)

The benefits of using nitrogen in a variety of food freezing applications.

Why Use Liquid Nitrogen

A three-part narrated presentation on the basics of freezing and chilling with liquid nitrogen.

Why Use Liquid Nitrogen–
Time and temperature

Why Use Liquid Nitrogen–
Quality benefits

Why Use Liquid Nitrogen–
Operations benefits


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